Five things you will need if you plan on spending Friday Night indoors

Posted on July 14 2017 , at 05:03 pm
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  • You don't have to go out to have fun.

Cheers to another Friday turn up!

It’s another Friday and you already know how it usually goes: fun, fun, fun.


We patiently look forward to the night time when we can finally let down our hair and boogie all the way down, or perhaps just relax and be thankful we survived the long week.


In case you’re like some of us and would rather just chill indoors and perhaps treat yourself to some quiet alone time, here are a few things you might need..


1. A good movie or TV series

A good movie should be nice

Let’s face it, there’s no better indoor fun than a good movie or series, especially when you get to binge-watch.


2. Some whiskey

Whiskey is always good company

It makes everything more enjoyable. Don’t forget to buy a bottle and enjoy a few glasses while your movie plays. It will help you relax too.


3. Small chops

Indulge that craving already

It’s the perfect time to finally indulge those small chops cravings. Enjoy your delicious puff-puff, samosas and chicken, while sipping from your glass of whiskey and enjoying your movie.


4. A good book

Good books and good company

By the time the movie comes to an end or you get tired of the series, it’s probably just around midnight and you’re still very much awake and in no mood to go to bed yet, a good book will come in handy. Make sure to have one close by.


5. Plenty of fuel for your generator

Have your generator full and ready. Credit: Honda Ng

You know how unreliable PHCN can be and you would hate for them to cut your sun short. Make sure to stock your generator with enough fuel that will carry you through the night, or at least until you’re ready to call it a night.


There you have it, go on and enjoy a lovely night alone. Not every time bae or party.


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