This one fear has made Meg Otanwa miss out on many opportunities

Posted on June 19 2017 , at 09:49 am
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  • She had a fear for flying.


Nollywood actress, Meg Otanwa, shared how her fear of flying overwhelmed her for a good while as well as how she eventually overcame the fear.

According to Otanwa, she had a phobia for flying which came about from an experience during her school days in Europe.

‘There was this time we had a short break and i decided to go meet up with some friends in Milan,’ she began.

‘It was a quick one-hour flight. Halfway into the journey I had the scariest moment of my life. The plane dipped!’

Otanwa went on describe how she reacted to this moment and the manner it affected her.

‘It felt [the plane] fell off the sky in a split second. I died! I was so sure I was dead. In fact, I must have lost my mind in that moment because for a good 60 seconds I was wondering if I was dead or alive.

‘When I finally convinced myself I was alive, I prayed to God to keep me for the few years I needed to be away and once I returned to Nigeria, I would never fly again.

‘So since I’ve been back home, that fear has crippled me. Anytime I needed to travel, I would convince myself otherwise.

‘I try so hard not to fly except it is absolutely necessary. So I miss out on job opportunities, family functions, etc.’

Otanwa is slowly overcoming the fear though, saying how prayer has helped her getting past it.

‘At the beginning of this year, I spoke to God and told him I wanted to conquer that fear and asked him for the courage and strength.

‘You see, fear is a terrible thing. It can deprive you of your blessings and prevent you from living your full potential.

‘I decided to face my fears head on. I just flew 7 hours to Dubai and 12 hours to New York. So this is me saying I will not be afraid anymore. I encourage you to face your fears and conquer them.

‘Write down your fears and start crossing them out.’


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