#RIPKarabo: This gorgeous South African lady was murdered and burnt by her boyfriend

Posted on May 11 2017 , at 12:49 pm
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  • Karabo’s unfortunate death is a reminder that you shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to walk out of that abusive relationship.

Karabo had been in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend who eventually killed her.

Karabo Mokoena had been missing since the 28th of April, 2017. Her friends took to social media to share her pictures and implore that anyone who has news of her whereabout should reach out to them.

Fast forward to this morning, a Facebook user who is said to be her dad, announced on the social media platform that Karabo’s boyfriend has confessed to killing and burning her afterwards.

According to friends of Karabo however, the accused boyfriend had tried to kill her on numerous occasions; he just managed to succeed this time.

One of her close friends, Nigerian singer Niyola wrote on Instagram,

‘I stared at your pictures for so long , the last conversation we had , hoping to find an answer . Why ???? What was the whole point????? How could you do this to yourself , to me , to your family ! I don’t know how to do this Kay . Words fail me !!!!!!!!!! Rest In Peace my friend I love you so much!’

In yet another post where she described the unnamed abusive boyfriend as Karabo’s ‘ex’ she wrote,

‘I really shouldn’t be doing this but the worst has happened and someone’s life might be saved . My friend was murdered by her ex and burned beyond recognition . Before then he had battered her black and blue on one occasion and would constantly drain her emotionally . These signs were there , he tried to kill her many times until he succeeded . Now my friend is gone and she ll never be able to grow into the person God destined her to be . If he pushes you , hits you , yells at you … my dear take to your heels before you get yourself killed . Life is too fickle to be toyed with . Only a fool refuses to learn from other people’s lessons.’

Another of her close friends, model Tarmar Awobotu had this to say:

‘Dear Friend , you were my little baby , and my sister❤️❤️ you had dreams ,you wanted to live life the way God wants, you wanted to inspire young girls but he took your life …. all you wanted was to love and be loved Karabo went missing since the 28th of April Please be careful who you share your life with .. myfriend Karabo was killed and burnt by a man she loves and furthermore joined in the search for her… he would beat and rape her , and say sorry with a reoccurrence of the 1st incident .. Love doesn’t hurt guys … RUN RUN FAR AWAY… Rest In Peace chomi … Seun loves you so much beautiful❤️❤️❤️ I am at peace cause you knew Christ before your untimely death I pray he forgives your sins and accepts your soul (Amen) #saynotodomesticviolence #IFHEHITYOUONCERUN #DONTRETURN #LOVEDONTHURT’

She continued,

‘Karbz to know you is to love you, we had our differences but you were quick to say sorry, you want to learn every thing , most importantly you wanted to serve God with all your life …. you were going to start an NGO against domestic violence but you remained in a violent relationship … death is never the result , killing you and then he burnt you beyond recognition he is devil himself … he hurt us all but we will rejoice .. I will smile always cause you knew Christ before he took your life .. No body to stress me for my lip gloss or perfume again , but God knows best Seun loves you forever ❤️❤️ till we meet to part no more’

For everyone reading, Karabo’s unfortunate death is a reminder that you shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to walk out of that abusive relationship. If they hit you once, chances are they’ll hit you again so please, run, while you still can.

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