8 things we learnt from Nigerian Twitter in the past week

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  • Arguments, weird ideas and more.

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Our favourite part about Twitter is the fact there’s always something new to learn, from even the most ridiculous discussions, to the most mundane arguments, to the weirdest folks with the weirdest ideas. Twitter’s got ‘em all.

Here are some of our favourite Twitter lessons from the past week:


1. Odunlade Adekola is the king of Nigerian memes

I mean, the guy’s got the most dramatic facial expressions. We’re not sure how he does it, but everything he does is Meme gold!

During the week, someone even dug up the movie clip from where some of his most popular memes were taken from.


2. Men are (still) trash

After a young South African lady was killed and burnt by her violent boyfriend, several women started sharing stories of the horrors they had faced at some point in the hands of their so-called lovers.

A lot of Twitter users, including the men themselves came to the same conclusion: men are trash. Argue with yourself.

Click on tweet below to see some of the tweets.


3. Wizkid is indeed a father of two

After months of denying the birth of a second child, the pop star finally admitted unexpectedly in an offhand reply to a random fan’s tweet, that he does indeed have ‘sons’.


4. Men picking meat from their teeth is a turn-on for some girls (eeeeeww!)

In a weird thread started by @Oloni, some ladies revealed some non-sexual acts that turn them on.

Amongst the weirdest and most shocking was that of a lady who seems to enjoy watching her man pick meat from his teeth… and put it back in his mouth!

If the number of retweets she got are endorsements, then there are several other weirdos like her out there.


5. #GCGT7 is the show to be watching right now

Nigeria’s first gospel talent show, God’s Children Great Talent, GCGT returned for its 7th season last Sunday, and it’s one of the coolest things on TV right now.


6. Success has many friends and admirers

As in the case of British-Nigerian boxing champ, Anthony Joshua who is literally hot cake right now amongst Nigerian women. They would literally devour him if they could. Some friends have even gotten into fights over who should have him.


7. Nigerian women are no longer afraid to go after men they like

A thread started by a Twitter user saw handsome men submit their photos for admiration, and boy, were they fine?! Some particular photos were shared more than a hundred times, with girls gushing over them, while asking if they could slide into their DMs.

Whiskey brand, @americanhoneyng even got in on the thread with a compilation of four of their favourites. As usual with these ‘eye candy exhibitions’, it didn’t take long for ladies to start asking the usual ‘what’s his @?’ question.


8. Apparently, women don’t like overly friendly men

Complicated beings that they are, they still want their fine ass men talking to just them, while being unfriendly – unkind if possible – to other women, at least that’s what a thread started by @brendalishus implied.

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