Will the real Kanye please stand up

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  • In recent years, Kanye's divided opinion with whatever he says or does and, to be frank, that's normal.

Your real music’s missed, ‘Ye

First he made the beats, then he murdered raps. First he had our ears, then he had our hearts.

Now, it’s just a simple matter of ‘where the fuck is Kanye when you need him?’ as Eminem once rapped.

While Kanye West had nothing to do with the line that inspires the headline, the first paragraph and the quote reek of him.

In recent years, Kanye’s divided opinion with whatever he says or does and, to be frank, that’s normal for Kanye. As normal as the time he interrupted Taylor Swift.

He’s been doing so for a long time but back then, when he was more producer than rapper and, lately, designer, what he did was stuff many could relate with; it was always conscious whatever he said or did.

But everyone who’s listened to Kanye (the producer and/or rapper) for long would have smelled trouble when he made the 808s & Heartbreak album.

Staunch fans put it down to great experimentation, though I was having none of that trash – trash that was a commercial success.

Some people in the background wondering exactly what Kanye’s about these days

The issue for me was the great deflection from his previous album, Graduation, to making that. It was a great shift in persona.

Though the artiste tried to get back his old self in subsequent albums (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the collaborative Watch The Throne with Jay Z), it was a little too late.

We had lost that ‘Kanye, you genius! You did it again’ fella who made great albums for Jay Z and himself until after 2007 (and his mum’s demise in November that year).

A decade later, Kanye’s music has transcend to the realms of it being ‘art’ … problem is, that ‘art’ is no where near the iconic status of some of his previous works.

These works include Jay Z’s Blueprint (which saw him produce five songs including ‘Takeover’ and ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A.)’), his debut album College Dropout and sophomore, Late Registration, a remix of Maroon 5‘s ‘This Love’, John Legend‘s ‘Let’s Get Lifted’ and ‘Used to Love U’, Lil Wayne‘s ‘Comfortable’ with Babyface, Jay’s ‘Encore’, Twista‘s ‘Overnight Celebrity’ … and the list goes on really.

So whenever Yeezus (God awful album by the way) has time from all the fashion designing and Kiming, we would appreciate some good [sic] music.

Maybe he will give us some along with his collective in his GOOD Music label when they drop Cruel Winter.

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