Whatever you do, avoid playing Ed Sheeran on blast or you’ll be jailed in the UK

Posted on March 28 2017 , at 04:23 pm
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  • Well, not exactly.

Why would anyone want to play Ed Sheeran on blast even?

A mother of three has been jailed for driving her neighbours to breaking point after playing an Ed Sheeran song on loop at high volume.

Sonia Bryce drew numerous complaints for playing loud music and having regular parties at her rented home in Willenhall, Walsall, UK with visitors arriving at all hours.

Clare Tidmarsh, a mother of five who lived next door, endured months of stress from the neighbour from hell, who has already been jailed once for creating a nuisance.

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The ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ was when she played Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ on loop for half an hour, at which point she complained, the court heard.

Sonia drew numerous complaints for playing loud music and having visitors arriving at all hours.

Jailing her for eight weeks, the judge said there was ‘a wholly unacceptable level of disturbance through loud noise involving music, shouting, swearing and banging – time and time again – emanating from Miss Bryce’s home’.

Condemning the ‘contempt’, he concluded: ‘You have displayed nothing but violent animosity towards your neighbour, and I am quite convinced that you do not care.

So back to our country Nigeria where your neighbour positions their loud generator to your house – and you can’t do nothing about it.

Oh you’re gonna call the cops? Go ahead then!

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