Who will tell Ubi Franklin that his explanation of Tekno’s SONY deal makes very little sense?

Posted on January 11 2017 , at 10:09 am
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  • Go tell it to the birds.

Finally, Ubi Franklin is providing some sort of context for the much celebrated SONY Music (recording or performing) deal his MMMG artiste Tekno signed few months ago.

In an interview he granted to Linda Ikeji‘s Buzz’r TV, he speaks on why Tekno has not been announced by SONY as their signee.

Here are his exact words from the one minute mark: What we did the other day… You know, we’re in a very busy period. It’s difficult for us to travel. It’s not something you can travel and stay for one day and come back. So what we did was we had to seal up something, at least before next year.

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‘So what we did was a preliminary signing. We’ve been going back and forth for like three or four months… So when the contract was right, we had to sign our copy here and send it to them. So when we go back there we’ll pick up our copy – the one they have signed as well.. That’s when they’ll officially announce it.’

Hold on. What part of this long winded answer to the simple question ‘Why is SONY yet to make an official announcement of the deal?’ makes any sense?

Is it that an artiste who is about to be signed to a major international deal does not have three days to fly in to New York and back? Or that in these days that DHL travels faster than Arik Air, they need to fly into New York to physically collect a copy of a contract that was SENT to them? Dear Mr. Franklin, go tell it to the birds.

What Ubi did was to bullshit his way through a question that none them – Tekno, Ycee, even Wizkid – have been able to answer: what exactly is in these SONY deals they’re signing?

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As one once surmised, short of a deal that makes Tekno as important to SONY as Zayn Malik, there really is no point for any bogus deal that does more harm than good. We all were here when Davido lashed out that the label was holding him back.

These deals that we were celebrating needs to be looked at again and vetted. It would suck really if we’re selling our artistes for peanuts in the name of international record deals. It’s not today that Nigerian acts have been signing record deals. Like they say, who ‘e epp?

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