Reactions to this photo of a lady with vitiligo prove there are still decent men out there

Posted on January 11 2017 , at 01:19 pm
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  • All hope is not lost after all.

Winnie Harlow
Winnie Harlow

A social experiment conducted by Thenetng on our Instagram page revealed something that a lot of Nigerian ladies no longer believe in: the existence of decent men.

Making fun of a vitiligo sufferer – a skin condition which causes white patches to appear on the skin – is never a good idea; something Twitter user @BigHolly_ probably didn’t know when he decided to pose a rather insensitive question to his over 2k Twitter followers.

‘Yal niggas still hitting if ya pull her pants off & she working with this?’ He asked with a photo of a woman who had patches all over her butt.


Of course he got a lot of backlash, the bulk of it coming from females who thought he was in the wrong for making fun of a woman over something she had absolutely no control over.

‘You serious rn yo? This is a skin condition, not an STD or something bad. Put some respek on this beautiful woman, w/ yo HEADASS,’ one angry woman said.

Although most men didn’t take offense, they surprisingly had no qualms about ‘eating that ass out’, as they thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with her body.

Some even went as far as calling her unique and beautiful, comparing her with chocolate cookies that was probably most of people’s favourite.

One follower made reference to successful model, Winnie Harlow, a beautiful woman whose unique skin colour and talent have endeared her to many all over the world.

Noting how quickly the photo was defended, we took it upon ourselves to post the same photo – posing the question to the people – in our bid to see if they’d be as repulsed as the first recipients of the horrid question had been.

We were both shocked and impressed by how vehemently Nigerians, especially men, defended the faceless lady in the photo, with some even going as far as unfollowing our page.

‘I guess media will do anything for likes. Didn’t think @thenetng would go this low… Female objectification and body shaming. Definitely worth an unfollow,’ an angry man wrote before proceeding to carry out his threat.

‘The caption is ignorant and offensive. The picture was taken to create awareness on Vitiligo and also address the negative social constructs associated with it. Please remove this picture with this terrible caption and post empowering pictures/captions about Vitiligo,’ another male user advised.

‘Wow what kind of question is this @thenetng I don’t see nothing wrong with this lady.. pls find better things to post because this is just plain stupid.. how old are we?? 10years? Kmt.’ Someone else pointed out angrily.

With this little experiment, we managed to prove what a lot of people, especially females, have started to forget – good men do indeed still exist out there.

Ladies, maybe you’re just not looking in the right places.

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