Kim Kardashian’s chauffeur has been arrested as a prime suspect in her robbery case

Posted on January 10 2017 , at 10:50 am
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  • The 27-year-old chauffeur usually drives the reality star and her family around whenever they visit Paris.

Police picked up the chauffeur who drove Kim around Paris
Police picked up the chauffeur who drove Kim around Paris

When the news of Kim Kardashian‘s robbery attack first came out, there were talks and speculations about whether it had been an inside job, as it seemed too planned and precise to have been an ordinary robbery.

Many even went as far as suspecting her personal bodyguard who had been away from his duty that particular night. A suspicion which was later dismissed as all evidence pointed to it being false.

However, recent police findings reveal that the criminal might have indeed been close to home. Consequently, the 27-year-old chauffeur, who usually drives Kim and her family around whenever they visit Paris, is now among the 17 people who have been recently arrested as prime suspects in the case.

One of the suspects
One of the suspects

The other arrested people are mostly elderly men, all well-known to the police, in their 50s-70s, with the ringleader being a 72-year-old villain whose wealth is thanks to counterfeit money. Three women are also part of the 17.

A video of all the suspects will be sent to Kim for identification purposes.

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