You will have great natural hair by doing these 5 things

Posted on November 10 2016 , at 06:43 am
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  • These are among the most effective ways to maintain long, soft and beautiful natural hair.

Natural hair gang
Natural hair gang. Photo: Require Images

The new fad among ladies is keeping natural hair. We all want our hair, long, black and soft. The question now is, how do you go about it?

Here are the five things you can do to grow and maintain your natural hair.


1. Be committed

This is a very important part of maintaining natural hair. It is one thing to see someone’s hair and desire it, and it’s another thing to actually work for the hair and give it the time it deserves.

You must be committed in order to get your hair looking as stunning
You must be committed in order to get your hair looking as stunning

There are times when it will feel like the hair is not growing, and then you run into a friend who just made her hair and is looking beautiful… making you begin to question yourself.

However, if you are determined, you will encourage yourself and keep going.



2. Wash your hair regularly

It is very important to make sure the hair is neat. If your hair is not plaited, apply a conditioner as often as twice a week or more.

Washing your hair is key
Washing your hair is key

Apply for about 30 minutes before washing. You can start by washing with shampoo, rinse off and apply the conditioner.



3. Thread you hair often

This is one of the most effective ways to maintain long, soft natural hair. The only catch is when you thread the hair, it will be hard to find the right sleeping position but that’s it.

Chidinma rocking the threading hairstyle

However, the bottom line is the length of your hair will grow. Threading is also the natural way of straightening the hair.

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4. Eat good food, fruits and vegetables

Chocolate is among the edibles you should have for great natural hair
Chocolate is among the edibles you should have for great natural hair

Just like your skin, the condition of your hair is an outward sign of inside health.

The cells that make up each strand of hair require a regular supply of key nutrients. Food rich in iron, protein, vitamin C and A should be eaten.



5. Use natural products to treat your hair

shea butter
Shea butter

It’s not all about buying every hair growth product. The time our hair takes to grow differs and you can use any one of the following to achieve this.

  • Shea butter (also called ori) helps with hair growth, softening the hair and kill dandruff by mixing it with kafura and melting in a frying pan. After melting, store in a container. When it is cold, it solidifies.

For those who don’t know kafura, it is used in the preparation of herbal medicine (locally known as ‘agbo’). You can get it from any herbal shop around.

  • Weed works really well, yes. Simply mix it with your hair cream and apply. It’s good for the scalp to be oiled regularly.
  • Coconut oil
Coconut oil

Today, there are a lot of products out there that work for the hair, however we should be careful not to buy one which will damage the hair.

The best thing to do for the hair is to not treat it too many times. Yes, we want it to be a lot of things, including long and soft. However, too much of everything is not good.

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