These are 5 ways you can maintain box braids

Posted on November 24 2016 , at 08:43 am
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  • These methods will keep your box braids looking fresh and neat.

 Box braids
Box braids

Box braids is a classic style we just can’t get enough of. So ladies, if you are thinking of rocking box braids this period, here are a few ways you can maintain the style so they can look fresh, neat and last longer.


1. Wash braids with treated shampoo

Wash your braids to prevent dandruff

Just because you are on braids doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a clean scalp. You wash your hair at least two times in a month with treated shampoo to prevent dandruffs.


2. Apply spray to braids

woman applying spray to braids
Woman applying spray to braids

Using braids spray helps prevent itchy scalp. Braid sprays contain glycerin which helps keep the scalp healthy.


3. Protect your hair at night

Hair nets
Hair nets

Protect your braids getting frizzy and scraggly by using a hair net or scarf to cover at night.


4. Always moisturise your braids

moisturize your braids
Moisturise your braids

No one wants their braids looking rough and dry so moisturise the edges, and your scalp daily.


5. Re-do the edges if you are keeping the hair for a long period

Try remaking the edges
Try remaking the edges

If you are looking to keep your braid for a long time without having to reinstall the whole hair again, just re-do the edges so it gets to new look over again.



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