Nigerian education is screwed and other takeaways from the Bobrisky conversation

Posted on September 22 2016 , at 10:51 am
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  • People go to school and learn absolutely nothing.


Bobrisky was at Thenetng on Wednesday and here are some observations made from our interview with one of Nigeria’s most popular Snapchat users.


Obviously, he’s gay

Sexy thang!
Sexy thang!

But he’s afraid to say that. Cross dressing has made him this infamous. Why would he come out as homosexual when there’s a law against it in Nigeria?


People are afraid to be themselves

Bobrisky_Birthday photo_Thenetng (3)
Not Bobrisky though

The way people live their lives should not concern other people. As long as they’re not doing you any harm, just let them be.


A lot of people lead double lives

Bobrisky then and now
Bobrisky then and now

According to Bobrisky, his ‘bae’ is a married man. That might not be true but it’s not false that married people could have sexual relations with people of the same sex and still be very married. Bobrisky is only saying publicly things we’ve always heard about.


Skin toning is an epidemic

Yes, we see it

This dude – or ‘dudette’ – makes his living off these skin toning creams. People buy them more than they let on. If you think it’s not true, remember Dencia sold 3,000 bottles of her whitening cream in 24 hours. Who’s buying?


LBGTQ people are genuinely afraid for their lives in Nigeria

Bisi Alimi
Bisi Alimi

Like Bisi Alimi, Bobrisky wants to move to the UK because of the hate he gets from Nigerians.


Nigerians have a love-hate relationship with people like Bobrisky

We deride them but cannot stop looking at them. Bobrisky has thousands of followers on social media. They’re not ghosts. On the flip side, Nigerians would rather attack and curse out unconventional people who have done them no harm than they do government officials directly involved in determining what goes on in their lives.


Nigerian education is screwed up

If you follow Bobrisky on Snapchat, then you know this

Bobrisky schooled in King’s College and University of Lagos but speaks terrible English. He’s an example of the rot in our educational system. People go to school and learn absolutely nothing. Scarily, we’re not doing a damn thing about it.

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