6 TV series everyone who grew up in the 90s will know

Posted on July 20 2016 , at 05:55 pm
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1. I Need To Know

I need to know

Who would forget this one in a hurry? The 30-minute series which featured Funke Akindele as Bisi, aired on AIT, NTA and a few other stations. It was one of the most-watched programs on TV back then, especially for secondary school students who were curious about sex and weren’t sure how to broach the topic with their parents.

2. Papa Ajasco and Company

papa ajasco

This hilarious family TV series, was a must-watch. It centered around the lives of Papa Ajasco, his son, Ajasco, his wife and a few close friends.

3. Family Circle

family circle
Norbert Young

This hit TV series that featured Nobert Young and Ronnie Dikko was a family TV series that was both educating and entertaining. It focused on the lives of a family that was, like every other family, trying to get it right and work out the daily challenges they faced.

4. Fuji House of Commotion

fuji house

This gripping family comedy was centered around the lives of a polygamous family, headed by Chief Tajudeen Fuji. Every episode was hilarious as there was never a drama-free day in the large household that consisted of three wives and an ever-growing number of children.

5. Tales By Moonlight

tales by moonlight-story
Jimi Solanke doing his stuff

We all remember ‘Story story, STORY!’ ‘Once upon a time, TIME TIME!’ Yes, every child definitely looked forward to getting back home and watching this entertaining series that was particularly made for kids’ delight

6. Everyday People

Everyday People

This family series had the ability to both make you laugh and cry at the same time. It told us about the daily lives of a family,t heir neighbors and their everyday lives. It was definitely a hit series back then.

Suddenly, we feel very much more older…

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