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Posted on June 12 2016 , at 04:19 pm
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  • Obviously, the organizers have failed to learn from previous shortcomings.

By Segun Odejimi

AMAA 2016 winners
Last night’s Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) was every shade of poor.

From the event itself, its protracted light outs, its boring hosts, to its live transmission and social media coverage, the 12th AMAA night was one to forget for almost everyone involved.

Obviously, the organizers have failed to learn from previous shortcomings. Some of the guests also did their best in topping #AMAA2016 in the shame category.

Here is a quick run-through of my winners in the most embarrassing photos category.

AMAA 2016
Amodu? Really? I was initially shocked. Then scared. Then shocked, and finally burst out laughing.
AMAA 2016
The person in charge of adding the caption was probably on some kind of hard substance. Abi there’s a better explanation?
AMAA 2016
I’m certain Daniel K. Daniel didn’t know someone was soiling the film
AMAA 2016
Tony? Tetuila? Jeez!
AMAA 2016
His Excellency must not see this. Thank God the fella didn’t add ‘EX’ somewhere there.
AMAA 2016
If you followed the show via the live stream, this must have been your regular companion.
AMAA 2016
Darkness at the venue of the award.
AMAA 2016
Up NEPA!!!
AMAA 2016
You didn’t have to raise anything ma. We can see your flaps from more than a mile away.

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