6 old dance moves every Nigerian absolutely misses!

Posted on June 07 2016 , at 10:14 pm
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  • Before the era of etighi and shakiti bobo, there were some popping dance steps that every Nigerian absolutely loved and gyrated to.

  • Who remembers these dance moves?


The fact that Nigerians love to have a good time is not news at all. Every day sees the invention of a new dance move that leaves you wondering what the inventor was thinking when he was coming up with the style.

Before the era of etighi and shakiti bobo however, there were some popping dance steps that every Nigerian absolutely loved and gyrated to. Let’s take you down memory lane as we do a list of the dance steps that we all just miss and wish we could re-rock!

1. Galala:

Daddy Showkey trying on the galala

This dance move was popularized by Ajegunle crooner, Daddy Showkey who made hit songs back in the 90s. It involves making weird funny faces and continuous backward moves that are hilarious to watch. It was the in-thing for every Nigerian who liked to have a good time and we just so miss it!

2. Suo:

Suo dance
The suo was funny to dance to and even funnier to see

This was another hit Ajegunle invention that came into existence just a few years after the galala dance move. It was made popular by the singing duo, Mad Melon and Mountain Black and also Marvelous Benji. Everybody loved to suo back then.

3. Yahoozee:

Even former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell couldn’t resist the yahooze

The yahoozee dance came into existence around the time as Olu Maintain’s hit song of the same title. It was the most popping thing back in the early 2000s and the fact that it was a little controversial due to its affiliation with ‘yahoo yahoo’ didn’t stop anyone from boogying to it.

4. Konko below:

Lagbaja showing how its done

Lagbaja’s hit song ‘Konko Below’ came with a dance move that was the most happening thing back in the Y2K! It involved placing both hands on both knees and going right down down low!

5. Makossa:

Koffi Olomide’s dancers doing the makossa

The makossa dance can be traced to the Francophone nations of the continent and was made popular in Nigeria by Congolese singer, Awilo Longomba. It involved some kind of belly dancing and a lot of seductive moves. It was the most popular thing back in the day and still goes on to influence the creation of some recent dance moves.

6. Alanta:

Alanta dance
As can be clearly seen, dancing the alanta is serious business

The alanta dance was also very hilarious back in the day. It was made popular by the singing duo Artquake and was the in-thing for every party-loving Nigerian.

It involved making a lot of weird faces, spreading the legs apart and throwing both arms in the air as though one was about to fly. It was definitely a sight to watch!

Did we miss anyone? Please let us know!

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