‘Linda Ikeji is suffering from poverty mentality’ – female entrepreneur, Ifedayo Agoro writes

Posted on February 21 2016 , at 12:18 pm
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Linda Ikeji has a been in the news in the past few days after she took on fans for calling her bags fake.
Linda Ikeji has been in the news in the past few days after she took on fans for calling her bags fake.

A female entrepreneur, Ifedayo Agoro has come for top Blogger, Linda Ikeji over recent controversy surrounding her purchase of ‘fake’ Hermes bags.

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When Linda Ikeji bought a huge house in the luxury Banana Island, most people were happy for her and wished for such to happen to them too. In fact, I sent her an email congratulating her and hoping I can write for her blog someday.

The Hermes bags that has led to a controversy on social media. Photo: Linda Ikeji/Instagram
The Hermes bags that has led to a controversy on social media. Photo: Linda Ikeji/Instagram

Yesterday, Linda Ikeji showed off two Hermes Birkin bags on her Instagram page as new acquisitions. Before anyone could say jack, internet trolls had sent the bag to Hermes for Authentication. Hermes came back and confirmed the bags are fake.

I do not believe she knew the bags were fake, so I’ll give her a pass for that. What shocked me was the way she went all out to defend herself, like her life depended on it…

– “I can afford to buy a N500million house but can’t afford a $14k bag? B**ch pls!”

– “This lovely bag cost me more than these haters cars cost and they want to come and disgrace me online? Lol. Lailai”

– “The side of the bag. Oh and I’m snapping from my banana island mansion(insert LMAO emoji) love this life

– “….can someone cc Hermes with the new images? These people can’t come and disgrace me here. Lol”

– “Too rich to buy fake…”

All of the above quotes are some of the words she used to defend her purchase of a fake bag

From someone who people admired and prayed about, she has come from 100-0 in my eyes. I see the desperation to fit in, the pride that comes from wealth but is skin deep, the class that’s lacking and a huge ego that is blinding.

A major symptom of poverty mentality is money and material fixation. Sometimes, no matter how far away from poverty one runs, some people still need an open brain surgery to expunge the poverty mentality.

If you have decided that your car, purse, wardrobe or jewelry are the most valuable things you own, then the quality of your life is based solely on these things. If someone takes them away from you, what would the state of your mind be?

This article first appeared on the author’s Facebook timeline and on her Instagram page (@diaryofanaijagirl).

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  • Also, you call yourself a writer and a “literary conman” in your bio, yet you do not know the difference between “I am” and “am”. Let me help you Mr Writer. In your bio, it should say “I’m a bandit” not “am a bandit”.

    • How would you know the bags are not fake if you haven’t seen a real Hermes to know the difference? Mind your business OK? Linda is a poor lady with money and she is struggling to shake off that poverty traits.

      • And just what exactly makes this matter your business? Get a life; get a blog; Go buy your own bag. What a loser!!! calling someone else poor. I don’t see Linda doing any struggling around here…

      • @Random And just what exactly makes this matter your business? Get a life; get a blog; Go buy your own bag. What a loser!!! calling someone else poor. I don’t see Linda doing any struggling around here…

        Your jealousy is almost palpable.

  • I don't think the bags are fakes except they are extremely good fakes. They have all the qualities of an original Birkins. But one thing I do agree with is the poverty mentality. Linda's fightback left much to be desired. It really showed the real character behind that name. And it did confirm the rumours I've heard about her.

  • The person who says the bags are fake must be blind,even seeing the picture one could tell the different between original and fake …..but my dear Linda I hope you visit the ophanage house often? If not please do so cos if they hear the huge amount you spent on the bags of cos they won't be happy..

    • Lol, do you really know the meaning of plaigerism? I can see clearly, credit was given to the writer at the end of the post, be wise.

  • fake or not whats anybody’s business? You have not tasted wealth before Mr writer. If you taste wealth for a day, you will forget that you have ever been poor. Poverty mentality is for those who are still poor.

  • From your comment, I don't think you have ever bought anything original, if you think a fake can't be identified by its picture even to the manufacturers then you need to step your fake life up and come to reality, be updated life has left u behind

  • If there is anyone suffering from poverty here in my opinion it should be Ifedayo Agoro, I have never heard your name from the best, most updated, the highest class etc. to the most useless and hopeless person in Nigeria or anywhere else, wait a minute (WHO or WAHT IS IFEDAYO AGORO Animal, place or things?)
    Attention seekers like you can do anything to get one, what clearly happened here is a case of one who has been looking for an opportunity, I mean, you claim to be a well-wisher at some point but in reality you are never one.
    Dare to taste being in spotlight and receive all the craps that people throw at popular figures let’s see if you will do better,
    I am not justifying Linder’s responses to the bag whatever, but is none of my business, anybody can buy whatever they want, be it fake or original, it shouldn’t be my business except of course I Am seeking for attention just like you are doing.
    People should be allowed to live their lives, that you are a public figure does not mean that you can’t defend yourself when you feel you are being wrongly accused, she is a human, the same way you feel that makes you feel disappointed at her responses is the same feeling she has that made her feel bad over the bag whatever, and the same right you have to air your feelings as a result is the same right she has to air hers, why should her reaction be tagged “poverty mentality”?
    I think you guys should just find a life leave that lady alone, whether she is fake or not, this world belongs to no body and people should learn how to mind their business I beg.

  • It would be completely impossible for Ifedayo Agoro to admit that he or she is burning with jealousy but that's the case! Why should anyone be offended because Linda defended herself just like any other person would have? Please mind your business and leave Linda and her bag alone!

  • why you fucking lying Linda Ikeji…………Hermes don't even sell $14,000 hand bags…..the highest they have is $9000, just incase tigers want to come at me in the comments…..I'm a mystry shopper and i keep price lists…..even Hemes Briken bags are 2014 series that means its fucking old………….Linda Get a Life

    • @Prince Adebola _ Some Birkin bags cost well over $100,000. Most crocodiles begin at $150,000. What Linda purchased was the GI Joe of Birkin bags, standard leather handbag. American’s prefer the Kelly bag to a Birkin. Linda’s bags are real and well deserved. I am proud of her….She’s worth it. This time next year maybe she’ll upgrade to an alligator Kelly bag.

      If you are looking to spend $9,000, go for Chanel

  • A Hermes Birkin begins at appx. 9,000 GBP and increases depending on the size, color, and material. It is possible to buy an LV or Chanel for $9,000 but not Hermes Birkin or Hermes Kelly bags. Linda paid what she paid and every day, hundreds of other women pay as much and perhaps more to own a Hermes bag. Do those other women have 2 heads or are Nigerians lesser mortals who do not deserve the best life has to offer? We should be happy for her.

  • Mr. Duhu, as a movie/video director, I am appalled at your response to this thread. Your whole career is based on objectivity therefore, leaving your viewers to determine what they will of the story.

    Your subjective comments about Ifedayo Agoro without knowing who she is or why she made those comments makes you a hypcrite because you are accusing her of the same thing.

    If you want to really look at it objectively, is she really far off? I'm sure you are a successful man who is blessed both emotionally and financially. However, I do not think you would stoop so low as to go out of your way to try and fit in by letting people know all your acquisitions. I do not think i've ever seen the Dantatas, Dangotes, Igbinedions, Adenugas and all post their acquisitions or go out of their way to let people know they have the. Even, the Polo Luxury Group (Obayuwana), though is their bread and butter have never been seen flaunting except for marketing purpose. This is because they have it and don't need to prove it. You can't buy respect, no matter how much you have. You earn it. That is the only reason why the internet went after her. She is what you call a "poser." and yes, you can have money and still be called a poser. You have to earn your entry into the elite, which is why old money does not mingle with new money. New money has to be invited into the clique to be accepted.

    Trying to fit in by announcing every acquisition is a cry out to people sayin, I have arrived o, please do not ignore me. And you keep shouting because you are still being ignored. I mean, she keeps repeating buying a N500 million home. Are you trying tto make people believe it, or you are trying to believe it because deep down you feel you don't really deserve to be there.

    So brotherly, her act in general is of one who is treading along the lines of an individual with "poverty mentality."

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