50 Cent buys $300k Rolls Royce as afternoon treat

Posted on July 03 2015 , at 10:48 am
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MTV presenter, Nick Grimshaw recalls 50 Cent ‘needed’ to buy a $300k car moments before an interview in New York. Photo: Forbes

Rapper, 50 Cent was inspired enough to stop and purchase a $300k Rolls Royce before driving around New York City with MTV presenter, Nick Grimshaw for music show, ‘Soundchain’ not long ago.

50 Cent ‘needed’ to buy the $300k car moments before being interviewed by Nick for the MTV show and the Effen Vodka boss was said to be running late for his meeting with a British TV presenter because he had to make a quick pit-stop beforehand and treat himself to the luxury vehicle.

The presenter, Nick who was filming for the ‘Soundchain’ series – recalled: ‘We landed Friday night and then we went to film on Saturday and it was a really beautiful spring, summery day in New York. He was a little bit late and his people were like ‘Oh he’ll be here’.

‘Then he came and was like, ‘I needed to stop to buy something’ and it was a $300,000 convertible Rolls Royce. But it was said as if it was ‘Oh i needed some water.’

‘He arrived in the Rolls Royce, actually drove himself there. I was quite intimidated because I loved him as a fan.’

50 offered Nick a ride around the city and the star-struck TV presenter was amazed at how many people showed the New Yorker their love and admiration.

He said: ‘Then he took us out for a drive around in this car, and I mean he is so famous in New York. Every single person, everyone was running out of the shops and their buildings and there were kids chasing him up the road with no shoes on! And grandmas knew who he was, they were like, ‘Fiddy I got you, I got you 719 Fiddy!’

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