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#BBATheChase Dairy Room: Housemates share survival stories

By Nwamaka Ojo

Dairy Room- Housemates share survival stories

Yesterday’s dairy room session saw the Diamond housemates telling their stories of struggle, pain, dreams, defeat, and survival; and determination through it all.

While Namibian beauty Maria shared the story of how she survived an attempted rape, Nigerian’s Melvin talked of how he escaped kidnap.

Bimp, Hakeem, and Cleo all shared stories of surviving and overcoming hardship while Nando told Big Brother of how he survived and overcame an attempted suicide experience.

Nigerian’s Beverly spoke about surviving a car accident and Annabel told Big Brother about the experience of losing her dad.

While Dillish narrated her experience escaping a house fire, Ghana’s Selly did not share any survival story. She however got a piece of advice from Big Brother regarding her relationship with Nando. He said ‘give him space, don’t chase after him and watch him slowly open up to you’.

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