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Nollywood producer, Emem Isong speaks on her new movie

By Olamide Jasanya

Emem Isong

Popular movie producer, Emem Isong has spoken exclusively to NET about her upcoming movie, which she says is ready but untitled.

According to her, the movie is a romantic comedy about a young female journalist who is thrown out of her house because she wouldn’t compromise her standards. Meanwhile, the boss who has always had an interest in her saw that as an opportunity, and invited her to come over. Sensing, she might refuse him, he lied to her about his sexuality and forced his flat mate to play along as his partner. Shortly after, the duo fall in love with the girl, a development which leads to series of events that make the movie interesting.

Speaking on why she decided on a romantic comedy, Isong says ‘I just realised that these days, I like to do a lot of romantic comedies because I have realised that these are the kind of movies I like to watch.

Isong, is a graduate of Theatre Arts from UNICAL, where she studied dance and choreography. She has produced over 10 movies including Reloaded, Guilty Pleasures, I’ll Take My Chances and a lot more

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  1. I am a Nigerian male aged 47, and I am a writer of novels. I have finished 2 full length action-packed novels, and I’m working on the third one at the moment. Can you help me get in touch with a good producer who could make my book into movies? Please reply.


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