Ghanaian singers drag Flavour to court

Posted on August 29 2012 , at 12:26 pm
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By Olamide Jasanya


Popular Nigerian highlife musician, Flavour Nabania is currently involved in a legal battle with Ghanaian singing duo, Wutah, over the alleged theft of their intellectual property.

According to the Ghanaians, Flavour’s new single Kwarikwa, featuring Fally Ipupa, was a ‘carbon copy’ of their Kotosa song, which they released in 2008. They are accusing the Nigerian singer of stealing the chorus, rhythm, and tempo of their song without consulting with them for permission.

‘This does not come as a surprise to me, as I already knew point blank that the material put out by Flavour was an outright plagiarized product of Kotosa. I mean, I heard what seemed like Kotosa blasting from the huge speakers in a CD vendor’s shop when I was driving to a friend’s home when I visited Nigeria last two months. I was happy and surprised that Kotosa had finally made its way to Nigeria after making hits in Ghana, only to hear Flavour’s signature hi-life voice on the beat. I was disappointed to say the least. I shook my head as I passed by’ said the manager of the defunct group.

Meanwhile, Flavour’s manager, Benjamin, while speaking to NET, refused to disclose any information from their quarters,I’m not saying anything about it yet‘.

Flavour, whose real name is Chinedu Okoli,  is currently signed to 2nite Entertainment, and released his second album, Uplifted in 2010.

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  • D guy dragin flavour 2 court is a hungry man…even dough its ur beat he tuk…u shuld b hpi kus he liked it 2 hv taken it…takin him 2 court is wastin ur money den loosin…pple every whr nd evry day tk each odas beats both foreign nd local…nd no case is made out of it…jst say dat I u nid moni dats all….madman

  • Sean, it easy. If truely Flavor copied thr song,then i feel he did d wrong tin by not seeking thr consent ist. D oda day,i heard d original owner of d song ‘bottom belle’ threatening 2 taking Flavor n Omawunmi 2 court 4 unauthorised copying.. Dat he took them 2 court dosen’t mean he’s mean or wicked but;d right tins shud b done @ d right time. Dat d illegal act was commited by Our favourite Flavour does not mk it right. If i were d one,i’ll equally feel bad. It wudn’t cost Flavour much if he had seek thr consent.

  • I have listened to the two songs on YOUTUBE and there is a striking resemblance between the two. Flavour stole their beat as charged and I will advise him to beg those guys and settle out of court before it becomes really embarrassing for him. It is unfortunate, IBO people are charlatans, not creative and are only interested in cutting corners and making fast money.

  • Truthbetold or woteva U call urself, wot has ibo people gat to do wit dis now? U are fool for trying to make dis some tribal stuff. Fool.

  • Truthbetold or woteva U call urself, wot has ibo people gat to do wit dis now? U are a fool for sayin wot U sed. A big Fool.

  • Why not say the truth.instead of supportn ur NAIJA fellow what he did was wrong.he should apologise 2 them and settle the case amicably.

  • Mehn dats not a big deal for one to use another person’s beat nd tempo for his own song. Flavour stil remain one of the big guys in naija music.And please mind u guys igbo ppl have nothing to do with this ok.. Wat abt faruk lawal is he an igboman

  • Men! Flavour no matter anytin u are talented,dnt mind those hungry boys instead of asking u 4 money,they want to take it by force through court,foolish 4 u dat refer to ibo people,well u are small as hole,igbos have money and make it to enjoy there life and achieve sumetin b4 they die.u and ur tribe will die in poverty,cowards.

  • If you are not a thief, how can u lift a beat entirely with all thee concept without any input of your own. I mean you guys should listen to the two songs. From Lagos to Germany to America and even Ghana, the Igbos are fond of disgracing Nigeria. They are the ones being chased out of Ghana and even South Africa. They destroy everything they touch. No creativity, nothing. All they do is steal what already has been developed by others and make it theirs. If you like accept it and correct your bad ways or on the other hand take it with bad belle and continue to curse or swear. It doesn’t change people’s perception about the Igbos.

  • @Truthbetold..bro y wud u hv 2 use such insultive language on Ma tribe. Did u read ma previous comment ? Did u notice any iota of bigotry or segregationalism? Y wud u digress 4rm d topic 2 utter such abberant words. I’ll tell u dat it aint right..u got 2 show respect 2 evbdy. Such utterance only brings hatred,intolerance,war & oda tins dat we dn’t wanna experience. Pls,show ur maturity when commenting on issues n exempt racist words. Hope u understand bro. Lets do away wit shifting blames. One luv.

  • It’s a pity that all want to say something but not all have something to say… Flavour, you’re mine and you remain to be mine but you’ve done wrong to your fellow brother and musician as well what you will do is this go and make peace with them don’t listen to some people advise because thiz going to be a lesson to you for tomorrow sake go and maketh peace with your people (they are your people)

  • Dear flavor you’re the best and i am proud of you but, what you did to your brother, friend, and fellow musician is wrong according to the rules and regulations that guides you musical world so go and do some nessecery settlement and make peace with them… Ignore some advice around just because you’re a star and you don’t want your name to and future to be terminated.

  • Jonbeezy,i feel u bro,u ar a man&i so much delighted wt ur comments 4 bin so matured wt Truthbetold wtout any verbal guy Truthbetold,am sory abt ds bt u dnt nid 2 go dt far wt such harsh comments..tak it cool guys..we be one

  • I have taken time to go through your comments, what are we talken about, is it not in the reality for living beings to create, implement, discover and to produce. Should we keep covering our mess and expect good and quick results, Favour is wrong, we are better say the fact and let reality take its place. When you refuse to train there is no how you can reign.
    Favour has refuse to sit down to think and get down His own, sorry to say most of his songs are coppied, he is very good, i listen to his music alot, but they are coppied songs, i think you shld work on yourself Favour, write your songs, you are already there, if you can’t create, then get someone you can pay to do that for you, and then and there you will gain your respect, lots and lots of American big time artists 2day dont write, they buy, sometimes the soundtrack is already there and it is now left for the artist to make the soundtrack gruvy. So dont because of the pressure you put on yourself make you become something else.
    I think you shld reconcile with those guys in qoute and just pay them for their demages and move on, bearing it at the back of your mind that you wont venture into such that will destory the little reputation you have built in the past. I rest my case.

  • This is pathetic and disheartened. Mr Flavour you need to up your game. You can’t copy everyone’s songs and make them yours. Be creative and stop plagiarising people’s intellectual work. Better, it would be advisory to pay them for there intellectual work. You need to settle with the complainant. Thank you.

  • U see guyz, i read tru ur comments nd truthbethold, im a Yoruba guy bt still in d name f Unity, one luv nd brotherlihood,u shldnt ave made such coments n our brothers,,the igbos. This has gat nofin to do wif such nd i salute the less insultive nd matured igbos amongst u guyz. Nw bck 2 d main topic, Flavour na my man, i luv him nd the type f music he sings bt all protocols duely observed, he knws d rule. Myfathers usually says ilu tio sofin ko sese. That is: a lawless community has no sin whatsoever. U shldnt ignore d law u shld obey it, dats wat its meant for. Ma guy go appologise. Come to public to apologise to the musician……Avoidance f trouble is d best policy…stay kul guyz….One so ooooo

  • See how dull all of you are. If you had the slightest bit of sense you woykd youtube the song to hear the so called similarities. just so you know, apart from the sax at the beginning, there is none! These guys are looking for cheap publicity

  • SeanFat if you dont know what to say jus close ur mouth. Any professionally Artiste who knows and respect the game knows whats invovled and how its done. U neva take, steal or lift anybody’s original piece without their consent cus u’re violating lots of things in the game by doing that and anything the violator sees attached to the act he/she deserves quadruply worse.
    So dont say that again cus i see u ve no idea. Raaah!

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