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Posted on May 11 2012 , at 01:59 pm
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By Ayomide Tayo

We all know the mantra- “It’s Don Jazzy again!”- the popular yelp made famous by D’Banj which was on virtually every Mo’ Hits record from 2004 to 2011. This statement once signified Don Jazzy’s presence on a beat or on a song. Now, after the soap-opera like drama between Don Jazzy and D’Banj, which led to the split between the two parties, It’s Don Jazzy again!” now signifies the second coming of the maestro into the Nigerian music industry.

Don Jazzy has a new record label of his own (Mavin Records) and a new crew (Wande Coal, Dr. Sid, D’Prince and Tiwa Savage), collectively known as The Mavins.

Since D’Banj’s (in)famous interview with NET, many have questioned whether Don Jazzy still has the magic touch and the ability to lead a record label. 24 hours after announcing the creation of his new imprint, J released a free compilation album (Solar Plexus) featuring his new ensemble.

Solar Plexus is supposed to be Don Jazzy’s grand re-entry into the game, but instead, it’s more like a nasty fall on a dusty road.

The LP starts on a good note with I’m A Mavin featuring all the Mavin artistes. The triumphant horns and Wande’s dominance gives the song life. Tiwa Savage has the best solo appearance on Oma Ga (which sounds like it was written by Wande Coal). Her nifty verses and Don Jazzy’s beat makes Oma Ga a hit.

Unfortunately, all other songs on Solar Plexus remain grounded.

Take Banana by D’Prince is so bad that even monkeys won’t like it. CPR by Dr. Sid is a poor attempt at Euro-pop. Throughout the collection, D’ Prince and Dr. Sid are the worst culprits, delivering weak songs with poor concepts, shallow lyrics and cheesy rhymes. The two acts are bland, generic and not innovative on this compilation.

Sadly, Wande Coal doesn’t offer anything spectacular on the set either. After all the hard work he put in Mo’ Hits (CV – 2007, Entertainer – 2008 and Mushin To Mo’ Hits – 2009), his form has dipped considerably. Only on Forever does he show glimpses of the Wande Coal that shut down the game in 2008 and early 2009.

Two things killed Solar Plexus: the mediocre talent on the new label and the lack of a leader. Sadly, Wande isn’t yet fit to carry the label, and it seems the mediocre artistes on Mavin will be around for a while. Tiwa Savage is the only good news, but her solo offering on the LP isn’t enough to salvage the disaster Solar Plexus is.

Solar Plexus was supposed to be Don Jazzy’s grand statement that he still has the magic dust; unfortunately the plot falls apart before the first act. Solar Plexus is Don Jazzy’s weakest produced album of his sparkling career.

Rating- 2/5.

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  • i totally disagree wit d writer of dis….though not his best due to timing bt d fact stil remains dat he is stil don baba j….d songs r cool…sid did a good job on CPR nd wande was awesme also…prince also killed it on his commercial songs….i tink tiwa was d one wit d wrst outing on d compilation

  • Please if u don’t know anything about songs don’t do album review,what is selling oliver twist do u think its the lyrics or the beats,the beats are classic, banana is a very good song,amarachi is excellent,listen to the songs over and over again b4 u blab rubbish and I’m sure u will get sacked after reviewing rubbish

  • Easy on the lie now! haba!
    How can you even say Oma ga is the hit of that album? Wande Coal’s forever, CPR by Dr. SID was very good, and D Prince was amazing on Amarachi. Please , if you guys are two years in the game, this is not the time to fool around and lose credibility. Did you even bother to read this bull you wrote?
    We understand if you are angling for the PR job of Dbanj
    (it was very obvious in that lovely interview Ayeni did)
    but please easy on the bias.

    All the songs are good but but some are obviously better than the others, YOLO is vintage Dr. SID (as a singer), In fact, each artiste delivered at least one song well and then one other one that can be classified a s good enough 90% of the songs are club bangers, the only mellow sound is CPR (I wish there was more of that for variety sake).

  • God bless you for this review Ayobami, its frightening the way Nigerians accept mediocrity and hype it out of blind loyalty. Worst album this year.

  • tayo is obviously a rabid dbanj fan. Uneducated journalist. did u even listen to the songs or did u just write out of ur blind hate for jazzy. Dprince was actually the star of the album.. everybody is testifying to that. dont go giving ur shallow myopic view when u know nothing about the topic at hand. A review should highlight the good, the bad, and then a conclusion but u went straight left..n even threw cheap shots with the monkey statement. maybe u r a monkey and thats why u dont like it. Then u say Oma ga is the best? Did you listen to amarachi? I percieve a tribalist undertone in this review. Go back to school and study for a career in jounalism or find something ur good at cos u r obviously no good at this. I rate the album 4/5. u don’t like it? go and take a banana!

  • Femi did u buy the album,please when next u go to the club and u dance do @ least 6 of the songs on the album,namely Amarachi,oma ga,mavin stars,banana,forever and see re mi,u will look stupid,support donjazzy and dbanj,support Good music and don’t be an hypocrite

  • @Ayomide Tayo: I want to take it that this is your first review so you are just trying your hand on it. Firstly, I don’t agree with your review, yes the album is not perfect and obviously lacked the D’banj(which you are used to). But still, it’s a good start. The beats were on point and some tracks had above average lyrics. The only person that gave us jollof music was DPrince. He did a dbanj on his tracks, low lyrical content but very catchy it more like grows on you.
    Secondly Tayo, I don’t agree with this statement “two things killed Solar Plexus: the mediocre talent on the new label and the lack of a leader”. Yes they have some average artists and you and I know that three of the acts are not average so …. Then the lack of a leader?. I want to believe this [a leader] was the problem they had when it was Mo’Hit. I don’t think they need a leader but that they all stand out. A group should not have just a face and others faceless but everyone should be able to do his thing.
    If you call Solar Plexus a disaster that means there’s nothing good to write home about the album but I can bet you already know most of its tracks and is silently enjoying it. The least you could have done was to review the album objectively. Nwy like I said I believe it’s your first so will like it pass.

  • I agree with the article.. If you rate it with other songs produced by Don jazzy.. They are Low!! Take Banana is wack just catchy.. D’banj’s absence was well felt..

  • in my opinion Solar Plexus is good. wande coal, d prince, tiwa savage and dr sid are good artiste.. but my problem is dr sid needs to find is zone and comfort.. d prince stopped rapping and i think thats just good for him and for every listner. wande coal was just as good but due to everyones hope to see wande lead the crew wiv a distinguished set.. he didnt deliver.. tiwa savage is on point , and i can see a lot of wande coal and don jazzy in tiwa.

    dr sid (no offence) is not needed in the crew..There is no time for experiment.
    D prince is just where he should be and as we all know, he has grown a lot, Don jazzy acknowledges that his brother is not as good .. but i must say d prince is growing and doing good with his new found style..

    don jazzy as far as am concerned is the only music producer in nigeria, apart from lagbaja, kwam1…
    i am proud of don jazzy and mavin whicheva way.. dey deliver brand new sounds..

    if u want to keep listening to the regular nigerian music den pls step off
    Mavin, cuz dis is not regular.. this is Dynamic and intelligent…

    Every album has its flaws and glory.. so this is just an album .. pick listen to the songs u like and support the end of the day its all abt the music.. #GBAM!!

  • For me,this is one of d most Spot on reviews av ever seen…..only part I don’t like’s where u said oma ga sounds like it was written by Wande,very poor album..2/5 is fair enuff

  • Foremost I’m not a fan of D’banj & Don J. A lot of guys who commented already have a mindset. The guy who reviewed compared past albums by Don J & Solar plexus. Be truthful to yourself. The craziest act is decieving your self. I’ll rather tell you to be objective instead of Tayo. Please remember there’s always a first time for everyone in anything and you can do it right the first time.

  • Tayo!!!…..a round of applause for u, cos u failed here.Hw on earth will u do this to Mavin….mehn! Is really a nice start…though I don’t like all d tracks, but don’t ever say “oma ga” is d best track..hw abt Amarachi…mehn!..go listen again, and reveiw well….grrrh!!

  • Tayo, I’m with you on the review. I don’t understand the Computer’s voice dats introducing d artist wif d codename #dead. Its like watching Dexter Cartoon. Wen dexter wants to activate himself.. Lol

  • The NET,
    I’m really disappointed at this review of SOLAR PLEXUS- makes you guys seem like D’Banj groupies and that’s bad for press!
    Firstly, your observations are obviously bias induced as you took an unfair swipe at Don Jazzy three instances of note where your skewed position was revealed. What has the leadership bit got to do with the review? I’m neither for Mavins as a crew nor against D’ banj even after the sad but undoubtedly entertaining sequence of events in the last few months as regards the Mo’ Hits break up; but I think throwing garbs at IDJA for not offering ideal leadership to his refreshed team as implied is off tangent.
    Review the material and leave of out the undertones. Any other article may have sufficed to entertain your “allegiance” to a particular camp albeit, impropriety in some quarters but what can we do? This is today’s so-called balanced journalism.
    Now, I could have stomach “nasty fall on a dusty road” on an ordinary day if the entire contents of the article had stayed within album review context as I do actually personally agree, with some of the points made.
    An example is the opening song: “I’m A Mavin”. It’s a statement in entirety – production, lyrics and performance – and an ideal debut for a crew such as theirs. Yours is perhaps the lone review thus far (save for personal opinions and blog statements across the net) that have, and again, this is my own personal take, dealt with the truth about “Oma Ga”. That is an enjoyable cut but not from a vocal vessel like Tiwa Savage whom posses above median vocal abilities.
    The lyrics, to be put mildly, are shocking and it didn’t say well of her pedigree. If you edit out the soft and airy feel vocals that served as an intro to the song and looped along the way, there’s not much latch onto and call a song. This remains true as long as you’re not heavily intoxicated; oblivious of what Tiwa is capable of and not just itching for a song that the production saved the day to “club” to. Watering down herself to stupor levels will just turn her to a dated act, not one that can stand the test of time.
    Indeed, there were lack luster performances and the production of the album as a whole appears rushed (though with some very few strong contenders) but let’s stay focused. Review and don’t spit like D’ banj is your pay master.
    Repeatedly knocking Michael Collins Ajereh’s person in a vaguely diplomatic fashion shows there’s a lot more to it. Totally washing out Wande Coal is testament likewise out rightly declaring there’s lack of talent in Don Jazzy’s newly christened outfit. Would this be the same review if Mr. Dapo “D’ banj” Adedapo was featured in the Mavins line up?
    Your are implying that it was the Koko Master’s ship steering sterling qualities that solely gave rise to their enviable track record under the Mo Hits imprint and that his exit has put paid to the careers of the Mavin proponents.
    We all know this release was necessary to counter Don Jazzy’s lack of words in a terrain where you need to be heard to be relevant and his mouth ran on twitter in a regrettable manner, according to him a while back. Dapo did same with the insightful interview the NET conducted too. The LP is most likely a rejoinder amongst other things I suspect a coming.
    SOLAR PLEXUS don’t cut it for me even after repeated listening but it has nothing to do with the recent happenstances with the main figure been discussed herein as regards his estranged relationship with his ex-partner. Even if I tended toward a side, as a journalist I’d have attempted a much less lop sided reportage.

  • this review is most definitely biased. as i have asked severally on other fora, mention one of dbanj’s songs that has done well without the input of one or more mohits artists. it was a collaboration that worked and this break will hurt both parties. correct me if i’m wrong but many people did not understnd or like “oliver twist” when it first came oyt; no lyrical content, kinda monotonous(save for don jazzy’s barritone on the chorus), but like all of dbanj’s songs, it grew on us don jazzy also did a fabulous job on the social media, dance videos wnt viral and dare i say that was the primary success to the song. the new video for oliver twist, nice as it is, lacked thsat mohits flavour we all love, dbanj looked lost amongst kanye and big sean.

    all the same, solar plexus is a worthy effort, considering the emotional stress the entire team must have been going through. they have my full support!

  • Its just glaring how much u hate Don Jazzy,The album isn’t perfect but its not bad as u try to paint it ….How much were you paid to write this????

  • This is one bad review. You don’t use emotion to review music or an album. What happened to tracks like yolo, see mi ri, take banana ( you sounded like a D’prince hater there)? You also said the lyrics are bad. Who cares. It’s not a hiphop album. Like some one said be objective. The album should be given 3/5.

  • Ȋ̝̊̅ think everybody need to chill out..dis album is nowhere near what was expected of don jazzy..we all know what he can d̶̲̥̅̊ cos he iz the best in Nigeria but the truth need to ßξ said…this album is a flop…few songs were ok but still on still the album no make am…end of discussion

  • thenetng,

    You have just confirmed that you are doing Dbanj’s PR.
    Nothing wrong with that if you are at least honest about your motives.
    I have read this terrible review all the way to the PR
    interview with Dbanj.

    If you are going to critique the album, do so without
    injecting your personal biases and unfair play. Even the piece
    by one of your writers making her observance of the
    fight btwn Don and Dbanj. At least make the under the
    table marketing not so obvious and believable.
    Too much bile being shown. … I shall stop here

  • I’m sorry but I do not agree with dis review.take banana by dprince is a jollof music,and dis Is wat we like in nigeria.Amarachi is AMAZING nice highlife feel.cpr is good,forever is lovely,pretty girls aint bad.D oma ga ur giving as d best song on d album isn’t even my favourite at all that’s not d best from tiwa.Ayomide,ur opinions are myopic and besides I can c from ur writing dt ur a dbanj voltron.

  • Wot do u xpect 4rm dem (thenetng)..dont u guyz realise dat dey are d PR Tool used by Dumbanj? Dey try 2 discredit anytin Donjazzy does…i pray dey continue like dz so as 2 hasten deir extinction.#Nuffsaid

  • E be like say dbanj give k-switch money 2 bribe u 2 write rubbish about d mavins solar plexus album…cos ur review is just a bunch of sentimental jargonz

  • I feel bad reading this article. You’re a bad reviewer and a d’banj admirer. I love the track ‘chocolate’ and i think its a fine piece of work. If this is a debut album, then its a hit. On a last note, I think you should be fired and sent back to learn how to be unbiased.

  • I want to review these rating this it 0.5/5 clap for urself..Thenetng pls get better writers else its not worth coming to ur site..I’l rather just watch NTA

  • I haven’t listened to the album, but from my ‘little’ experience in journalism, guy you no try. You don’t write a review and wash it down with your opinion leaving your readers without forming their thoughts themselves. My advice, pls go back and do a little more study. This is bad Journalism.

  • Thenet jus kips fallin my hand. U guys have stupid, inexperienced, biased reporters, writers and opinionists. First, dat dumb opinion about pst Chris and now dis. If u continue lyk dis, u’l fal out b4 ure 3yrs old.

  • tayo pls com n tell us all that,’i love d’banj n i hate don jazzy’ instead of painting d guy it or not don jazzy still has a billion to offer n though i avnt gotten ma hands on d solar plexus yet i knw it cant b dat bad.haba! even dis dbanj wey una wan deify sef his latest oliver uk version single ws produced by don jazzy ooo n if it bcoms an international hi t,y’all wil b quick to 4get dat its don jazzy again una go begin tilt towards kanye.o ye haterz!

  • The reveiw is as bad as yourself. D’Prince Take banana is already a hit,
    listen to your radio.Are you a music producer? to judge the credibility of this album
    songs dont just make hit on first release.when 2face came out with African queen many people criticise
    the song on first realese,but it came out to become a monster hit.Take banana is the new song in naija music scene what out for Mavin they will explode.

  • Yet 2 hear de album sha but I must confess de much expected nigerian 2nd civil war is beginnng frm here meehhnn! LoL! No be small thin*winkz*

  • Tayo nice attempt to ridicule the new record label on the Nigerian music scene. Your commenys are at besy your own opinion and might not represent the interest of the greater majority. I have listened to the entire album and I believe that this was not up to par wih the quality of music we have heard from donjazzy but that said, solar plexus would still outshine many albums realeased by nigegerian artistes across all genres. I give mavin records credit for puting a mixtape together in three weeks howbeit average. I can assure yoy that the mavin crew will deliver donjazzy did it with mo’hits and I’m sure he will do it again. They have actually achieved their aim by creating some buzz on the music scene. Watch out for more good music to come from the mavin crew

  • This ayomide guy should be stoned mehn…ur a myopic journalist and trust me,if u continue reviewing things like dis u won’t last long in dis bizness….now I believe dbanj owns d larger shares in netng…una nor do well abeg.if u don’t have any good tin to say just shut up.

  • Don jazzey is d small god of music a legend in africa Music industry, Solar Plexus is d best Album so far this year Listen to d’prince Songs 3 tyms and comment ena go de write rubbish d’banj followers bad belle people

  • Am an ardent fan of this site but with such biased reviews like this am thinking of finding another entertainment news site. Come on did u listen to Amarachi very well before writing this mediocre and bile filled review. No doubt the album is not vintage Don jazzy but its above average not below. Please Mr Ayeni I have heard so much about you please do something about this your sites pro dbanj/anti don jazzy disposition before it will be too late to remedy. GOD bless us all.

  • am a don jazzy fan. but this has got to be the worst album hes ever produced. really disappointing. but abeg oga reviewer, there were some bright sparks. Tiwas oma ga wasn’t bad and believe it or not dprinces take banana will turn out to out to be a hit.( whats with the ‘even monkeys wouldn’t like it? You harsh o. Wande and sid were disappointing, truth be told

  • The writer is right! Jazzy and Mavin do have work to do.
    May be they should bring in Durrella

  • Mehn naija needs to step up, and most people here are not used to internet forums or reviews, if you are here complaining about an honest review what then would you do to Movie Critics? EOD

  • This is a very very silly review and shows that the reviewer has no ear for Music, The ALbum might not be a classic but it is a solid album. See mi ri is a good club track, Amarachi is a nice track, Oma ga is also a good track.

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