Monday , February 8 2016 15:13

Goldie confirmed as a housemate in Big Brother Stargame

By Osagie Alonge

The entire continent of Africa is waiting for Sunday May 6 to witness the start of Big Brother StarGame but organizers have once again thrown in another surprise!

A few hours ago, Big Brother announced that seven celebrity housemates will be part of the seventh season of Africa’s biggest reality TV show.

And which Nigerian celeb has been enlisted into the lucky seven? It’s none other than Nigerian pop star and Kennis Music act Goldie Harvey!

The other six celebs housemates include , stand-up comedian and television pro DKB from Ghana, talented rap icon Prezzo from Kenya, award-winning songstress Lady May from Namibia, Famed socialite, model and businesswoman Barbz from South Africa, R&B diva Mampi from Zambia, soulful musician Roki from Zimbabwe.

The other contestants have however not been revealed.

Goldie, a determined entertainer and pseudo-eccentric celebrity was disparaged for years, by critics and music fans. But, following her recent successes, it would appear the joke is now on those who labelled her a fame whore; those who swore she’ll never make it big.

As earlier announced, this year’s show will kick off in May and applicants who want to make it to the house must partner with another person to enter as a pair.

According to producers, Big Brother 7 will be screened to 47 countries across the continent, live 24/7 for 91 days on DStv channel 198. The series starts Sunday May 6.

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  1. Wrong choice from Nigeria.

  2. Goldie! Wrong person, she nor go last 4 1 month b4 she go cum back. Mark my word, she be fucker. She will give nigeria girls bad image, what will it be than going naked, smoking and drinking? And showing dat she is rich. Pls goldie don’t sing there o. Ur voice is so crust.

  3. yea that’s right

  4. Nigerians!why wil yu want 2 bring one of ur own down?if yu dnt hav anything 2 say abt ur fellow being,jst shut up ur dirty mouth,dats exactly how yu guyz mocked Karen now dat she made it can yu still talk?Mumu re yu better than Goldie?stupid

  5. Dis is 1 of ur biggest opportunity in life Goldie, 2 erace d negetive taught some people hav about u, go girl and make 9ja proud jare.

  6. I think she is the best match to represent Nigeria……cos she is crazy…….and i like that.

  7. go goldie i knw u will do us proud cause u are playful and humble i like u much kiss and love 4rm me have fun cant wait 2 see u on tv ahahah goldie to sexy

  8. goldie go girl i knw u will do us proud love u much kiss and love 4rm me cause u are humble and playful and also cheerful

  9. Pls, dear Goldie show a gud example n' make ur country proud, best of luck!

    Pls dear goldie, make ur country proud!

  10. Pls dear goldie u remain our sister,show us a gud example about urself & make ur motherland proud. best of luck!

  11. Goldie, u be wrong selection o,but we go manage u,don’t put naija 2 shame o,we go dey pray 4 u sha!

  12. Goldie i kw u will mek naija proud…Go girl wish u best of luck!

  13. Go goldie ur d best,represent 9aja well.

  14. Am happy that big brother is back

  15. God help u Goldie 2 bring good news back 2 Nigeria. Wish u best of luck.

  16. ¤Asada¤ sunday¤ Roland¤

    My dear God hs a reason 4 choosin u, moreover u fyn & u ar nt swagaless. I feel goldiestic hahahahah ¤asada¤ ¤sunday¤ kurudu

  17. Goldie u are d best, but stop it prezzo is married with kids. Ok.

  18. Goidie i love you so much,but if you really want to wine
    this game you most live that guy that call his name
    Prezzo,cos his is not a good friend.i love baby girl!!!


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