Ask Tosyn: Why Do Most Celebs Forget They’re Human Beings?

Posted on December 12 2011 , at 04:55 pm
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Hi Tosyn,

Why is it that most celebs forget they are human beings?

Na wa o!

Na real wa o!

But is this a rhetorical question or you really want an answer?

Okay, just in case you do want an answer, let me tell you what I tell everyone who says things like this.

Personally I have always believed things like fame, wealth and success do not change people, they just amplify. I feel people are either nice or not, humble or proud, good at saving money or not, and so on and so forth. I think what fame and money do is to amplify and sort of lift the veil. Where only a dozen would have known you were bad tempered, become a star and the whole world knows. Where only your family would have been exposed to your addictive behaviour, become famous and get caught getting drunk at a club. Be proud and arrogant and go unnoticed till you’re suddenly employing thousands and everyone can see.

I know a lot of celebs and have met quite a number of humble, friendly, calm ones.

Speaking of which, whether a celeb is arrogant or humble, kind or nasty, shy or outgoing, they ARE human. Because that is exactly how other human beings are! I know a million shy people- famous or no. And o, I know a thousand arrogant ones, and most of them aren’t ‘celebs’.

I think we should also cut celebrities some slack and remember that they ARE human.

Sometimes I wonder if being a banker or accountant isn’t easier. Imagine the whole world giving opinions (and most times, not too kindly), about everything you do, say or wear?!

SO when a celeb strikes back, say on twitter, I smile. Because I know we all have breaking points, and some just break before others!

Hey Tosyn,

Okay o! Me I have noticed you never ask people to vote for you for award shows! Sometimes I do not even realise you were nominated till the event is over. How far?


Hello Jide,

Yay! You noticed!


To answer your question, I just don’t buy into the whole award show turning into campaigns business. I think it is fine when you have say a ‘fan favourite’ category, but for every award and every category?

I don’t think award shows should turn into popularity contests or campaigns so I just sit back and enjoy the show!

(O but I am always grateful for the nominations!)


Help me o! I am broke! Christmas is here! My girlfriend will be expecting something…





You see

It’s like…

Okay seriously though! What to do this Christmas even if you are broke…

– Write her a letter (not email o) telling her how you feel and why she is so special!

Come for One Mic! Our tickets are just a thousand naira

– Have a movie date indoors! You would be surprised just how much cuddle and quality time means to her!

– Give her Behaviour IOU’s. Like if there are things she wishes you would do or not do, then give her an IOU and say for example, ‘Present this and i won’t smoke that cigarette you hate me smoking’!

– Go visiting other people, or take her to a party! (It is Christmas, someone MUST be throwing a Christmas party na)

– Take time out to make her a c.d of some of her favourite songs plus songs you are dedicating to her. Do not underestimate just how much this would mean to her!

– Both of you can volunteer and work at some charity! You’re saving money, spending time together and giving back all in one!




That’s all folks

I get a lot of interesting questions like

– Why aren’t you following me on twitter?

– Will you marry me?

– Could I have your pin?

And so on and so forth!

Those I would answer personally!

Keep the questions coming

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