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Exclusive: Wizkid Impregnates Undergraduate, Gets Baby Girl

By Our Reporters

EME Popstar Wizkid has fathered his first child at 21, Nigerian Entertainment Today (NET) can confirm.

The beloved hit-maker and ladies man has been linked to many women – most times older than he is – and pundits had feared he could be heading the way of misdemeanour if care was not taken.

Now, as our investigations reveal, the young man impregnated an undergraduate named Sola several months ago, and the lady has since put to bed. Before delivering a baby girl for Wizkid two months ago, we’re told Sola who resides in Magodo, Lagos was studying in the University of Legon, Accra, Ghana.

This is not something his close friends and associates would want to reveal for now. And we’re told his parents and mentors insist they’ll wait until a DNA confirmation, before fully admitting the child is Wizkid’s.

At least two colleagues confirm to us, that the debutant allegedly fathered a child in June. Multiple sources who are familiar with the ‘baby mama’ and her family also tell us ‘it was widely known to us all when they were dating. And we knew when she got pregnant for him’.

Wizkid has been rumoured to date daring actress Tonto Dike even though they both continue to deny this. We confirmed from reliable sources back then, that Wizkid’s Honda Accord that was jacked by robbers, was a gift from Dike.

In an elaborate chat with a Nigerian Entertainment Today editor, Wizkid denies having a child. ‘No, I don’t. It’s just a rumour, I’m not thinking about that right now’.

In the interview held last week at Ogudu-GRA, in Lagos and published in this week’s edition of Nigerian Entertainment Today Newspaper, he continues, ‘ I really don’t want to find myself in that kind of situation, I’m all about my music now‘.

But our sources, who want to remain anonymous, insist Wizkid has fathered his first child..

Will Wizkid, whose real names are Ayo Balogun, follow in the footsteps of 2face Idibia (five kids from three women), JJC (three kids from three women), 9ice (three kids from two women, one of whom is still legally married to him), and the likes of Father U Turn, KWAM 1, KSA, and many other musicians who have children from multiple relationships? Or will he settle with his baby’s mother and make a home?

Interestingly, Wizkid’s leader Banky W, himself a bonafide ladies’ man and fun-lover, remains scandal-free; managing to stay away from controversies and making sure he doesn’t toe the line of illegitimacy.

Last Friday, the singer tweeted from his official Twitter handle (@wizkidayo) ‘Hey All.. Got sumthin to tell yall. In life, there are those times when you wonder about the wrong decisions you’ve made… This is one of those times for me.  I realize that I haven’t always lived up to everyone’s expectations from my loved ones to the immense love from my fans. I am sorry.  Please continue to pray for me.  With the help of my family and my EME big brothers, I am working on becoming a better man, a better artiste, a more responsible person with every one of my actions.

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  1. sweet guy,i dont mind havin his baby,so you haters let the guy be..

  2. Wizkid although u are my mentor… what u did was wrong..

  3. guy lets 4get abt dis i love de guy wizkid @lat u boi dis is not true they want to jeopardize hiz career

  4. wizkid i dey feel u jo, it not a crime 2 av a baby @ 21. I wil advice u 2 kip on wif ur life and career and 2 learn 4rm ur past mistake.

  5. daz nt d end,as in ur head stil dey der,we ur fan stil dey enjoy u

  6. Wizi noni my man carry on,no just mind them at all.We support you my guy

  7. Evri bodi kal my name….WIZZY

  8. Wizzy i just pray u find yourself out of this mess…so don’t dull coz u are that EME boy…

  9. WIZKID YOU GET MOUTH NO ANSWER DEM(ass. father abraham)

  10. up coming stars usually encounter problem.. Nd da kid’s jux way too young 2 handle da kind of fame he has aquired…

  11. Wat r we talkn hia?dis aint d tym 2 aportion blame.4 al we kw,dis is jux a news,a news dat is yet 2 b i suggest we kip our fingas crosd.2 al u judges,wat wud u al say if atlast dis waz provn 2 b jux a rumor?wud u spit on d ground n lick it bk wit ur tong?so lets jux wait 4 d finale of it.let’s nt 4get,a suspect is stil inocent until provn odawize.
    Luv y’all……..

  12. wizkid,evry1 tinks dis is wrng,i also tink it is wrong bt im stil ur fan no matter wt.jst move wit ur lyf,remenbr wen der is lyf,der is hope.aftr all dis is nt tin compard 2 contactn HIV ND AIDS.CHEERS.

  13. Wiz dn’t mind dem jhor!advice dat u go 4 a dna tst,true or false,try 2 b a rare gem 2 we youth.Set a gud xample n ve guided principles n u’ll definately beat 2 d top n suprize doze who nid ur dwnfall.Wish u well friend.

  14. wizzy lets just say dat was a huge mistake but u can always retrace ur step ur fans always gat ur back no mind bad belle way want make u enta ditch by force…lol

  15. Wizzy is too young to make descison,if not careful he would be worse than 2baba and others.

  16. Wizzy i know u can’t do such i trust my wizzy

  17. Wizkid it is’nt easy 2 be a star u have 2 be patient if the child really belong 2 u pls do accept it but be wise, dont be a fool .keep it up wizzzzzy we love u .baba baby .

  18. wizkid am stil ur fan no mata wat,somtims gals cause it

  19. All these guys wer dey blame wizkid dey jealos of am, guys sori o na normal tin wey dey do fine 4 fine boi wey don hama

  20. Wots dis about dis C’WAN 9jas new kid singa!! Came accross a tweet bout d dude 3days ago!!!

  21. Wizzzboy u are small don’t face child by this time face ur fuchor now satan want u 2 miss bot u if u don’t want miss pray 2 ur god an me i we help u 08160533019 god we 4giv u all sin i love u noni

  22. 4got ur mistak pray 2 god let god help

  23. Wiz kid u ar still small 4 dix tin woo..fuck uu

  24. My ppl make una leave dis guy alone i beg let him enjoy the live he has choosen.

  25. Children are gift 4rm God, wizdaddy.

  26. No 1 is perfect, is a gift 4rm God.

  27. U are so stupid wizstupid see wht u are disgracing ur career and talent repent guy

  28. Wikzid is irresponsible.most american artist are currupt but not senseless,bow wow,chris brown,lil wayne,neyo started very young but at least they did not impregnate an undergraduate.all worldly artist are irresponsible.wikzid is bad

  29. Ya dis is reali 2 early bt no nid 4 d blames it wouldnt make use, shit happen is normal am onli angry dat he gat no adviser in dat area n MONEY n FAME intoxicated him. Jst learn frm dis n dnt take it as a mistake or b ashame abt it bt alwayz talk abt it n it wil pas over. Regardz 2 ‘lil 211′(baby) meanin…. My dad waz 21 when i waz given birth n i waz 1. Takia dude

  30. Wizlet-z- and wiz-fans-…this is just a rumour.It is a veritable bugaboo to be pooh poohed.

  31. This guy call’d wizkid A.K.A wiziwizi should know that he must accept his responsibility as a father, as the saying go,their is no smoke without? 08039166344 please wizkid I love you but just be a man lolz.

  32. wizi wizi wiz kid. U b wiz man nw oh. No mata wat i stil lov u. 21 yrs u don dy count in million. Na child u no go com get. Make dem allow you joor. Only one and dy are complaing. B4 30yrs you go don get one community. Wiz kid abeg u 2much. I love u, sola , and lil wizkid. U dy chalange jay z.

  33. We are feeling u here @ ojo,,,continue jare……

  34. wiz kid no lele jare, any tin way god dey do god dey do am wit goodness. Asume u don’t get a child u wil ave die.

  35. too bad. Jor oo

  36. I like u.I c u as a responsible person and part of being resposible is accepting any wrong u av done.if u’ll heed 2 advice,I will ask u not 2 av anythg 2 do with any women expect ur mom and ur blood sis.draw close to God,believe Him and continue to believe in ur self.

  37. @ wizkid i will want u 2 focus in everything u do in life even though u av a baby or not just be focus cos i think focus is d best thing in life nd av faith.

  38. wizzy if nah true u bad gan..lemme hv dat kinda opputunity i will make sure she gv’s me twin a boy and a gal

  39. wizkid…..u had been a superstar…..just b focus and try to get yourself out of this mess,it is good,but not @ d right time…we love u and your muzik….Rocking in da campus…….bliv in God,bcos wit him,every impossibilities is made possible

  40. ayo is not too young for the fame he has…i mean hw old is justin beiber…he is just being irresponsible

  41. wizzy,wad up now my guy,no big deal in that at all,bt i wld like to know you better o0f your character

  42. wiz pls take life geege, ok. see wizkid having fun with sexvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv )

  43. Who ever know him should tell him, ( to pray for wisdom from

  44. who know dis guy talk 2 him, is not d best way of living. He is too small 2 ve dis recrd.

  45. Every living being on dis earth is above mistake so no one is sure wizzy will learn 4rm dis..come 2 tink of it,most of u guyz hav done mistake worster than d one he has commited yet u still open dat ur rotten mouth n commenting bad tins abt him…mtchew..


  47. Wiz can do such a thing bcos is just like 1 of is friend 2face idibia

  48. Wizkid u are too young for i will b praying for u i love u guy

  49. Jst don’t av much 2 say wizzzy, go 4 d test god is in control…..stil ur fan no mater wat….lol?

  50. No matter wat am still ur fans wiskid,keep climbing ur ladder u will neva decline.

  51. Wiz i brither congra2late….u 4dat bt u jst av 2 get responsibility of dat oo

  52. Man am not suprice for wizkid to impregnate a lady and I already knew dat he wiil deny it and most of the best artist as done so and who is he if he can not do so and his god’s father bankky w as done so man am not suprice.

  53. Wizkidayo,it’s ntin so go 4 d test knw if she z ur child,if he z tink of sumtin 2 do u r a man nt a coward.go 4 it dnt hid 4rm it cos it’s ur responsibility.

  54. mehn guys just cut the crap k. In this case evritin is @ fault. Nature for imposing premature urge on us, wizzy for not undastanding the shit he would be into, forgetin dat fame is not all about sex, dating and havin relationships dat wont help. Now the gal if i can see u, i would let u know dat u are nw a victim of circumstance. I know u opened up for him bcuz his a star rite? Chai sorry. Next time be sure to lock it up even if it is jim iyke or john dumelo this time.

  55. Fine 2 dey spoil prsn lyf,wizkid mai advise 4 ya is 2 accpt d baby or else u’ll tarnish ya image.And again we no fit talk d baby fit get gud luck

  56. @ WizAyo u knw everybody knw u everywhere and every women wil wanna 2 mari u cos of moni,so becareful,dnt do more dan ur stage

  57. My advice 4 u is 2 do d test,cos if u accept d baby & it’s nt ur’s,u wil nt lyk d baby at all

  58. no lele wiz,v always loved u buh u shud always pray n u will definitely c changes… As 4 d gurl,dnt marry her but u can accept ur baby it no big deal

  59. we cnt blame wizkid 4 his mistakes cos he’s a youngstar gals we like 2 rush advice 4 him is 2 hold on 4 progress u still hav thins 2 do.

  60. If dis is true Wizkid,den u ave 2 accept it as ur fate and try and make a appi home.WIZIWIZI!

  61. my dear wizkid please be very careful next time

  62. wizkid please try and be very careful next time

  63. U pple wey d critize wizkid has done more dan him. Stop jugin him 4 cry out loud. D mistake has already made nd let wait 4 d dna textg

  64. Congrate small boy 4 your baby girl bt dn’t try it again.

  65. Wizkid ,did u really impregnate the lady.

  66. Ummh!dis matter sound curiously &fabulous at least mother of the baby we know her baby father and if it z a lie God almighty wil jugde d situation.

  67. @Diva u are the bestest i love u for all ur comments u are a queen don’t mind all this people here. How can u say having a child is a mistake? If is a mistake. What about people that are his age mates that does the same and deny the child nko? He did it he asccepted it and he was so happy showing the beautiful boy. Why are u people so like this? Insted of u people to advice him to take good care of the child u are saying the child is a mistake thats not fair pls stop insulting him. He left school for him self he didn’t do it for u so whats u own inside he had a baby he will take care of him. he didn’t ask u people to take responsiblity for him pls stop insulting him. So many girls will do worst pls stop insulting the guy abeg thanks @diva04 tell them that if this guy do anything he will never fall only God can stop him so u guys should back out and mind ur business or go hang ur selves pls nija like complaining much lol u guys are even blind and ingrates u don’t appreciate what u have bad for nija

  68. U guys that are complaining is a mistake he is too young, he will fall, he will loose, his parent didn’t train him well, if u guys are (WIZKID)u will do more self. he is better than u the whole world have known him so stop insulting him. Just pray for him

    • um… i dont think it is a mistake when he saw a fine girl, i also dont think its a mistake when he took her into a room and i also dont think it’s a mistake when he had her and did not use condom, this guy (wizkidAYO) is just messed up….. i swear?!?!

  69. i like wizkid

  70. Wizkid jst accept d child cuz it urz . And marry d gal u impregnated n make a gud family. Wat do u gain in ur flirtn characterz?….. You hv to be a man

  71. @wizkidayo jux take am easy with those girls

  72. Wizkid just take it easy with dem I love u die

  73. no body is pafect and any body can make the mistake so let keep it off as it has happen will dnt have right to guorge only God,

  74. nobody is pafect but u have to take it easy hoooo or u go get something we past ur powers

  75. man keep doin yr tin u r d best 4 now.

  76. accept d child …be a man…even if u dnt wnt a marry d mothers child..just accept d child…


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