Yeka Onka Wins First Ever Nigerian Idol!

Posted on March 27 2011 , at 05:38 pm
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By Osagie Alonge

After several months of thorough training, breath taking performances and tear-shedding scenarios, the first ever Nigerian Idol TV reality show has come to an end. The 26-year-old Onyeka Gilbert popularly known as Yeka Onka on Sunday March 27, 2011 has been announced as the winner of Nigerian Idol 2011.

The grand finale was nothing but a glorious show with laudable performances, fantastic renditions, emotional moments, beautiful costumes plus a thousand other things. An event of such will sink into the minds of the contestants, judges, guests and viewers for a while.

The main event started with the 13 finalists gracefully rendering the Nigerian National Anthem. The judges Jeffery Daniels, Yinka Davies and Audu Maikori were as usual seated and ready to watch the last two contestants Yeka Onka and Naomi Mac perform one last time as one of them would be declared winner of the show.

Hosts Anis and Misi, looking stunning as always set the ball rolling; the other 11 evicted contestants were called upon for one last time to perform a Black Eyed Peas single, the smash hit ‘I got a feeling’.

Anis then called on the R&B star Banky W, the first of three guest performers of the evening on the stage. Banky thrilled the crowd with his popular hit ‘Strong ting’ but it was Timi Dakolo, winner of the  West African Idol 2007 that stole the night with a standing ovation. Fast rising R&B singer Praiz also wowed the crowd with a ballad. The dazzling Tiwa Savage and buzzing Retta were among the other acts who performed at the grand finale pre show.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Yeka and Naomi got on stage to render the Christie Essien Igbokwe ‘Seun rere’ song. Little did anybody know that the legendary singer would join the two girls on stage! Tears filled the eyes of many as they swayed side to side singing along.

For a final treat, Yeka and Naomi rendered the same songs they had performed at their first ever auditions. Yeka went first with Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you’ while Naomi followed with Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the world’.

The time finally came for the winner to be declared. Steve Evans, C.E.O Etisalat Nigeria then pronounced Yeka Onka the winner of the reality TV Show. The announcement came as a surprise to some who thought Naomi would be the winner while others celebrated joyfully as Yeka fell to her knees in the euphoria.

I am really excited for this, it took me a while to get to this point, I was rejected in Enugu and Abuja, before I came down to Lagos and then I got the golden ticket. I loved the experience, all through the six months, And now here I am walking away with the grand prize’, an ecstatic Yeka said.

I just want to say that Naomi too deserved to win this competition, she’s my friend and I love her’, she further expressed. She also went ahead to thank the judges most especially Audu Maikori, stating in her bid to please them; she had become better at her singng.

She then went on to perform ‘Champion’, the Nigerian Idol theme song produced by Jesse Jagz.

Yeka, a former beauty queen in Abia State, had been to two other auditioning zones, Calabar, Enugu before she was eventually picked in Lagos. Emerging as winner, she now goes home with 7.5Million naira courtesy, a brand new car and a Sony entertainment TV center.

Naomi, the 1st runner up, walks away with N1.5M cash prize, a Blackberry phone, iPad, iPod, Easy Card, Standing Fridge, PS3 and other goodies.

Here’s a toast to Onyeka who beat all the odds by becoming the first Nigerian Idol, she thoroughly deserves her victory and we should all applaud her and support her’, Rotimi Pedro MD of Optima Media Group, owners of the Nigerian Idol franchise implored.

After a successful debut, producers of the TV show are already working on the follow up season as audition forms become available on the official website at midnight on March 27, 2011.

Finalists Naomi and Yeka

The finalists with Etisalat 9jillions winner, Kizito Egeonu
Tiwa Savage
Co-host Anis and Tiwa Savage
Co-host Misi
Banky W
Retta performs...
Tee A at the grand finale pre show
Tiwa Savage performs...
The 13 finalists...
The last two standing with the hosts Misi and Anis...
Banky W performs...

Timi Dakolo performs..

Christie Essien Igbokwe and the finalists

Praiz performs..
One last performance from Yeka...
Naomi performs for the last time...

Steve Evans announces Yeka as winner..

Yake performs 'Champion'...

Yeka with the judges and Rotimi Pedro

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  • Nigeria n politics…how did Yeka Onka win?? She’s never n would never be a match for Naomi Mac… I shake my head 4 the organisers of dis show! Dem no try at all

  • Ojoro. I thought it was d viewers whose votes decided the winner. Even on the idols website, Naomi polled the larger share of votes, and evrybody i know voted her via text. So hw did d organisers contrive to award it to Yeka?

  • Am not very happy at all with Yeka been the winner, we changed the TV station quickly, no beef please but Naomi Mac was far better than her, with her age doing that great job she truly deserve to win, she was good but what can we do, Yeka takes home the glory but its not too fair on Naomi’s part she is our winner.. And am sure she will make it in the industry. winner today does not determine the future. NAOMI you are our winner.

  • Yeka Onka deserves to win.I voted for her, so did a lot of my friends.If u r not ok wt d result, next time, put your money where your mouth is.

  • i really do nt tink yeka deserved d price too, i dnt knw ow dis was judged but believe me NAOMI is d rel gal she’s got d voice…God knows best.

  • Ah Nigerians and their politics,infact i feel bad when they announced the winner,it was a LIVE OJORO.Believe me NAOMI is the winner.

  • My dears…. God can do it the way he wants…. fyne Naomi may be better but God arranged it to favor Yeka…. God arranged it period…. and if i were the organizers, i would still ve given it to Yeka. you know why? cos she is sell-able…Naomi is more of mummi’s baby….lolz and i ve meet them one on one… Yeka is friendlier…. forget Naomi’s The organizers know what they are looking for.

  • d first 9ija idol ends in controvercy. PDP!!! its a pity. NAOMI was far more beta dan dat YEKA. when CHIDINMA won d west africa idol, no controvercy.

    When will we get things right in this country?,ordinary Reality Tv show we are still doing Riggin-magomago, am sure by now the organizers should be ashamed of themselces for allowing the main sponsors ‘etisalat’ to influence there results which rubbish the whole essence of the competition.The [‘Abia’ Idol-winner] final performance which wuld av made us believe their judgement were right shows it all…i wuz there live i saw everything,’she sang woefully’
    Sentiment aside and the truth must be told,i dont know any of the two ladies from Adam; when they know they’ll settle for less,why will they take we the esteemed audience for granted,wats the other criteria for their judgement?if it’s HEIGHT[then MI would av been disqualified from singing and winning awards] BEAUTY[omotola jolade wuld av been giving Grammy awards just like that] LOOKS[Azzizat wunt av been known] OR SKILLS?
    These are questions many minds are asking and begging for answers……We the Upright,Outspoken,Intelligent Nigerians hereby revoke the result, its unacceptable to us, its unfair,its another rape of injustice and such reality TV Show has lost its credibiliy…..
    And i pray that GOD will compesate the young Naomi Mac for wat she has lost…cuz her voice touched many hearts each tym she sings. Onyeka has won the price money and all that goes with it but in our heart Naomi MAC[the young lady who made the show come alive after the other wuld-be skillfull contestant were evicted] will 4eva and eva be our 1st Nigeria idol/winner…..’FAMOUS 1ST LADY’


  • Yinka davies, you were among d judge and u know deep down in u that yinka onka is not surpose to be d winner, naomi is d winner and u couldn’t do anything about it.

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