The ‘Legacy’ Of Duncan Mighty

Posted on July 12 2010 , at 09:02 pm
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By Chiagoziem Onyekwena

Can the ‘King of the South’ conquer the rest of Nigeria?

 ALBUM TITLE – Legacy (Ahamefuna)

LEAD SINGLEI Don’t Give a Shot

PRODUCTION – Duncan Mighty


DISTRIBUTION – Wene Mighty Records/Iyke the Don Entertainment

Between 2007 and 2008, there was an incursion of Niger Delta youth that had nothing to do with militancy. Out of the creeks emerged Timaya and Duncan Mighty and on a lesser scale – Sky B, D’Indespensables and Frank d’Nero after years of remaining underground. Fast forward to 2010 and even though most of these artistes have struggled to keep that momentum going, hit songs from their stable from two, three years ago served to put the region’s music on the map today.

Little is said about the Port Harcourt/South-Eastern axis of our music industry but anyone who pays attention to their tunes will tell you two things:

a.)    There is a vibrant music community that exists almost by itself and

b.)     Duncan Wene-Mighty is one of its genuine stars.

Unfortunately, to the rest of the country its Duncan Mighty’s songs, rather than the man himself, that have been visible (or audible) in recent times.

The hit singles from Duncan’s last effort Koliwater were sieved and distributed, while the album’s chaff was thrown away. To avoid a re-occurrence, Duncan Mighty reduces the number of songs from over 20 on Koliwater to a more digestible 15 on Legacy as the singer attempts to produce a more cohesive effort. Duncan is careful to balance singing about the good life, namely women and partying, and imparting wisdom to his listener. The upbeat Don’t Give a Shot and Isimgbaka were crafted with Duncan’s dance floor consistency in mind while Ahamefuna is a condensed life manual that contains Mr. Mighty’s teachings. Then there’s the third part of Duncan’s music which is only a whisker away from being called gospel (I No Fit Shout).

Duncan Mighty created this entire album practically by himself, so credit for the good as well as the bad must go back to him. The instrumentals from his Dancia hit are inexplicably exhumed and desecrated as a completely pointless song is born in I Love U. Port Harcourt Son is an exaltation of every successful person the garden city has produced in recent time, it’s a subtle attempt at what I like to call ‘political jingle music’. Duncan isn’t so coy on Good Luck Jonathan however; his voice was silent while Duncan’s yearning pockets did all the singing but who can blame him? Bills must be paid and thankfully for Wene Mighty its 2010, elections are around the corner. The album also suffers from ‘too-much-Duncan’ and even though Mr. Mighty proves  that he is capable of carrying an entire album by himself once again, his delivery isn’t varied enough to keep the listener’s full attention for that long.

A proud Ikwerre man, Duncan Mighty’s music is heavily influenced by the sounds of his people; his choice of instruments, his language and his overall approach to song-writing all point back to his heritage. Legacy is not the type of album that would set the rest of the country on fire but with an alias like Port Harcourt 1st Son, you get the feeling nationwide dominance isn’t exactly Duncan Mighty’s priority for now.


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  • He is a great music maestro who's time in the musical landscape has come. He should keep the good work. The album review is an acceptable critical one here. Hope more commendation will come his way. Alas, the flag of the unheard people of the Niger-Delta will be heard in the Streets of Ikoyi, Wuse Zone, Abuja, Wudil, Kano, Gusau, Zamfara and the far way places in Nigeria. The music is a blend of philosophy and a play on words by DE MIGHTY HIMSELF

  • Guy, ur ok. Dont mind dem. Keep doing ur thing! Infact, Duncan Mighty rules the South-south!

  • nnaa er na u b de man were sabi.biko cary mind weten mouth d u talk am sey even if u be the world best some ple go cal u oluku

  • I duuno if the writer of this piece is trying 2 protect his 'CRITIC' credibility Cos i'm seeing Unwarranted Criticism here. Mehn,The Album's 2 Kul, Lyrically,..N D Local Vibes just spices evrything Up…Not Evry1 is stereotyped 2 be 'American' or Foreign…So Plzz lay Him Off though the criticism is still gud…lol

  • Ducan is a gr8t singer,infact i lv his new album tittled legacy expecially pharcourt 1 son and i lv u. but i dn't like what he said in his verse 1or2( i lv u) dat j.martins,wizboy,nigga raw and gravity want 2 do his kind of song, pls dn't bring bragging 2 ur life Tanx. I lv u

  • Duncan you ar a role model in our hearts coz ur gbedu makes me smile and remind me of how much I miss home,keep the good works and give us some more blissful jamz relating to our roots,I am proudly rivers.

  • I love this album! There are too few artists like Duncan Mighty!

    IMO, an artist that is able to produce a whole album with just his/her own input is extremely talented, not many can manage it.

  • Ur are might,not by the name u are being.U too good nd perfect,don't mind the belle people,bcos they are jelous u survive ur album"legacy".U are blessed by Jesus^keep it up d MIGHT.

  • edo boy, e go better make u go control ur sister wey dey 4 italy and leave duncan mighty alone. if no be say i dey live outside naija i 4 track u down with bicycle.

  • This Album is great, I love how creative this Guy is. As a matter of fact, am playing one the tracks 'PORTHARCOURT 1ST SON'.

  • Duncan u’re mighty indeed. I luv ur beats, it’s the best for me. That’s y i decide to make wenemighty my producer. I’m an upcoming artist,a twin though, we hv so many songs we think our world would like to listen to,I believe gr8 men wud always be happy wn they see the young ones with great vision. All i need is your cooperation as a mentor. I’m looking foward to working with u,and shining to the uppermost part of the world. Thanks my mentor.

  • Duncan u 2 gud ur beat ur lyrick ur voice al sounds original & dat is d sign of originality & my broda i wil sugest dat u try & make colabo wit ur fellow ph artist & south south even 9ja artist as a whole.God bless ur talent man & kip d gud luv

  • i really like your songs, i always dance to it and i feel very happy before i go to work. Nna,make the lord continue to give you wisdom to write more good, good, reality/ spiritual songs. i understand every point you make in your tracks, keep it up, CHUCKWU GOZIE GI

  • dunca u are too much ,even do iam not frm south south i still luv ur music, may the almighty God continue to unleash more grease to ur elbow

  • duncan mighty you are the best amoung others mucisian wey i don se . No be 4 mouth expecially your PORT HARCOURT 1ST SON since i hear dat song . i love your music and i pray dat GOD will grant your more wisdom to entertain the whole 9ja ,one love i love your style . Keep it up . No mind bad belle!

  • dunca u no say god dan bless u too u and u are lefted 4ever not can bering u dawn becos u are carrying a legacy on ur hand u are the true portharcourt ist son. Abey rely throu my mail boik.

  • Dis writer know notta bout music. How can u rate d only album u’ll listen 2 from track 1 to the end in nigeria(apart from M.I) without skippin 3 over 5. Dis album is 5 over 5 most def. Pls the netng, get better hiphop heads 2 critic 4 u(i am available)

  • Anything dey like let them say.i am ur true fan dem even no.sef 4 my school.i fit sing ur song 4rm begining 2 d end no mistake.God don already bless u.abeg improve ur videos.

  • Guy u’re 2 mch kp d flag flyin high. Dnt mind whtever pple may say or ‘re sayin. U’re da bomb, I’ll luv 2 c u n also do a sng wth u any day any tme.

  • Wenne mighty fire their mama o, portharcot first son don rate you wella. If you fall na me fall, if you tire na me tire, if you blow na me blow, baba u 2 much. I will like to freestyle on one of your beat. Please permit me. (biko nu)………………….

  • this critic is just saying Rubbish… Duncan is the best. I love timaya but duncan is killing it… he handles everything as a pro.. not like a pro… as a pro

  • guy u re 2 much u give me hope in the music game every thing u re doing i am felling duncanmighty,i am up coming artiste 4rm bayelsa state spyway by name.i realy love 2 woke under ur lable.

  • Dimkpa garden city first bomber.

    You are more than wetin dem dey blab. U too much abeg. Beefers go dey beef, but bomber go dey blast. Abeg try and unleash ur video for us cos we are at stake.

  • if no be god enemies for do me as they want; duncars i thank you well well for that music when you play for me; with this music i thing you are the best of all nigeria musics so keep it on you too much

  • 1tin i lov in u dm is d boldnex nd d trut in ur lerics.if dia is anytin sweeter dan honey its ur d king of our tym

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