14 lessons every rapper can learn from that controversial Modenine article

Posted on August 26 2016 , at 11:03 am
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  • Below are 14 important points you should see.


Following the two controversial articles, which were published on theNETng about Modenine’s new album, here are 14 punchlines from that controversial Jide Taiwo article that should be of help to rappers and rap fans alike.

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Below are 14 important points you should see.

  1. ‘At 41 years old and on his fifth studio album, there’s no reason Modenine should still be the ‘Underground King’ he referenced on Alphabetical Order (2013).’


  1. Modenine’s curse: his skill-set is an orphan in an environment that screams loudly for something entirely different.



  1. Only Modo is standing in the way of this happening. True greatness ought to know when to stoop to conquer. Modenine does not.


  1. They say imitation is the best form of flattery; no one has flattered Modenine by imitating his style.



  1. The audience don’t hate him; the audience just don’t get him like they do other pop acts.


  1. Modenine has not achieved mainstream success like Jay Z, neither has he had any major influence on the Nigerian music scene, like Don Jazzy in shaping Nigerian urban music.




  1. It takes away from his accomplishment that for all his brilliance, he cannot find a way to merge commercial success with his famed lyricism.


  1. People who still hold Mode in high esteem only do that for sentimental reasons.


  1. Modenine is the poster boy for gritty, hardcore hip hop that is a seemingly lost art in Nigerian music these days.



  1. Perhaps Modenine’s greatest undoing, and a gaping chink in his otherwise gleaming armour, is his inability – or worse blatant refusal – to adapt and evolve.


  1. Modenine has fallen just short of achieving true greatness.


  1. Modenine’s fan base is quite small and it’s not necessarily because the larger audience is unsophisticated – it is because the rapper’s lines are simply not resonating with them.


  1. Mode’s second issue: he’s making music that nobody actually demands or wants. It is a cardinal rule of hip hop that your lyrics match your realities and that of the audience.


Reminisce with Modenine
Reminisce with Modenine


  1. Modenine has proven to be a clever wordsmith, often spitting rhymes that practically fly over the listeners’ heads.

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