10 Tips On How To Spice Your Relationship Up As A Man

Posted on July 29 2019 , at 01:19 pm
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  • Spice your relationship up today!

As a man, if your woman is always upset about something and complaining that you are not romantic, I have got your back. I have come up with 10 ways that you can spice your relationship up.

Follow these tips and you can never go wrong:

1. Give your woman a ‘just because’ gift: When your girlfriend is being cranky or hormonal, this is the perfect time to give her a gift just because you can. Celebratory gifts are great and all but when you surprise your girl with a gift for no particular reason, it can mean the whole world to her.

2. Pay her some attention: Every woman loves to have the attention of her man at all times so if you want to win that ‘Boyfriend of the Year’ award, this is definitely the way to do it. When I say attention, I mean mentally, emotionally and sexually.

3. Help her with the chores: Every woman loves a handyman. Women are generally more open to your touches and affection if you try to alleviate their burdens. They will be more open to sex and you can get to do the extras that you need to be romantic.

4. Write love notes to her: Women love men that are expressive. If you find that you are not very vocal, you can express your love with notes. She will feel like a schoolgirl and be more filled with love for you.

Spice your relationship up today!

5. Be randomly cute: This may seem weird but a random wink from nowhere can go as far as possible in making your special lady melt like jelly. Putting your tongue out in a teasing manner because of something she said will make her see you as goofy and romantic.

6. Be playful: Ladies like a playful guy more than anything else. It is very hard to find a woman who does not like to laugh and play. Pick up your lady when she is not expecting it, twist her words and kiss her randomly; it will definitely go a long way in your relationship.

7. Find out her love language and milk it: Someone’s love language is something that they receive or an attitude towards them that makes them happy. When you find out your lady’s love language or the things she likes, make sure you do them and you will be on the right track.

Spice your relationship up today!

8. Apologise when you are wrong: There is nothing worse than a headstrong and proud man that cannot say “sorry” for his mistakes. If you apologise for wrongdoings quickly, you will have less drama in your life.

9. Cook for your lady and go on dates: It is easy to get comfortable with your woman after being together for a while, but you must still go out of your way to spice things up sometimes. When you cook for your woman, even if the food is horrible, she will still appreciate it and love you more.

10. Show off your madam: A woman loves to feel special, like she is the only one for you. If you show off your babe to your family and friends and make her feel comfortable around them, you can be assured of getting an award equivalent of the Grammys for the ‘best boyfriend of the year’.

As always, I’d throw in a bonus point but today I’ll make them two, just because I know how important they are. Firstly, you should take your babe on trips (if you can afford it) to simple but beautiful places. Secondly, and only an evil person will not tell you this, make love to your babe like you are worshipping her body.

When all these tips on how to spice your relationship up finally help you make things sweeter with your babe, make sure to come back here and say thank you to me! For now though, if you have any more tips that can help, please share in the comment section below.

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