10 Things To Know About Leading Nollywood Actor Sola Sobowale

Posted on February 10 2020 , at 06:21 pm
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There are people you see on the TV and you connect with them almost instantly. Their talent is immediately obvious and they make you feel things. If pop culture is anything to measure by, leading Nollywood actor Sola Sobowale is one of them. From her iconic role as Toyin Tomato in the TV Series Super Story to her critically acclaimed performance in one of the highest grossing Nollywood movies of all time (The Wedding Party), Sola Sobowale has become one of the most beloved figures of the Nigerian silver screen. 

Let’s bring you up to speed on ten things you need to know about her:

  1. She was born on December 26, 1963 in Ondo State and completed her primary and secondary education there before moving in with her brother-in-law in Ibadan who sent her to the university. 
  2. Sola Sobowale originally went to the University of Ibadan to study music but later switched to the schools’ Theatre Arts department. This is how she got into acting. 
  3. While in the University, she got minor roles on Village Headmaster and Mirror in the Sun, two series which aired on NTA between 1968 and 1988. 
  4. Eventually, she joined Adebayo Salami’s Awada Kerikeri group in a bid to secure better roles and hone her craft better. She also starred in several Yoruba-based movies of the time. She also started to dabble in writing and production.
  5. Her role as “Toyin Tomato” in Super Story’s ‘Oh Father, Oh Daughter’ is the defining role of her career and the role that made Sobowale a household name. Till today, she is still referred to as ‘Toyin Tomato’.
  6. Sola Sobowale is married to Dotun Sobowale and they have five kids together including a set of twins. 
  7. The twins, Taiwo and Kehinde Sobowale also write scripts for some of the movies their mother produces. 
  8. In 2002, Sobowale took a break from acting to focus on her kids. She also moved to England for this reason, picking and choosing which projects she worked on. By 2010, she wasn’t actively taking on any roles. 
  9. She made her big comeback in 2016 with a major role in the Kemi Adetiba-directed hit movie The Wedding Party. In 2019, she won the Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA) for ‘Best Actress in a leading role’, for her role in ‘King of Boys’, another Kemi Adetiba hit.
  10. Glo Mobile, B-Stan Homes, and Mouka Foam are just some of the endorsements in Sola Sobowale’s corner. 

Over the past five to six years, there aren’t many actors of Sola Sobowale’s generation who have impacted pop culture like she has. The way she brings life to her characters is hers and her many iconic performances are proof. These facts are just a glimpse into the life and times of one of the most riveting figures of contemporary Nollywood – Sola Sobowale.

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