10 social media platforms to consider if you are tired of Facebook

Posted on August 28 2017 , at 03:01 pm
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Options other than Zuck’s Facebook

Are you tired of Facebook because your family members keep commenting on your status updates and your choice of profile picture? Fret no more!


We have 10 social media platforms that you should consider if you are ready to join a new social media family.


1. Twitter

This is the answer to your prayers as it will allow you to escape the nosiness of your loved ones. Its restless nature will definitely make it hard for Grandma and Aunty to keep up.


2. Sarahah

From its interface to its usually racy content, the ‘secret question’ app was definitely made to be used by millennials.


Apart from the social media platform anonymity clause, the app has still been largely explored by the youth, meaning it will be a while before mom and dad even know it exists.


3. Instagram

Although IG is not as safe as it once was from relatives (Thanks a lot, Zuckerberg!), the social media platform is still yet to be dominated by those you are avoiding on Facebook. The selfie zone also offers a privacy setting that allows you to control who follows you.


4. Snapchat

Research has shown that the image messaging application is used primarily by millenials and this should not come as a surprise. The platfoorm which is regarded as the fastest way to share a moment may move a bit too fast for anyone that is not a ’90s baby.


5. Tumblr

Similar to Instagram, Tumblr is a new age blogging tool which allows you to reblog other people’s posts. Although the platform is popular in Western countries, it is just starting to warm up to the hearts of Nigerian youth.


6. Pinterest

A revolutionary social network which allows its users to discover and share new interest, Pinterest has a very specific and faithful following. If you are ready to be part of a trendy but low-key niche, then this is may just be the new online hub for you.


7. LinkedIn

Not everyone wants to be on social media to gist and catch up. If you are the type of person who wants to come online for productive reasons, then LinkedIn is the platform for you.


Dubbed as ‘the social media network for professionals’, LinkedIn allows its users to discover new career opportunities and find out what’s going on in the professional community. If you are online for business, then LinkedIn is the spot for you.


8. MySpace

If you and your friends want to escape all the drama of overpopulated social media networks and exist in your own space, then MySpace is just the place for you. No, MySpace is not as popular as it used to be but the new and improved interface has some cool new features that could make you a believer.


9. Google+

A combination of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Google Plus is the site for all those business minds who would also like to mingle. Although it might not have the same following as Facebook and Twitter, it is definitely on the rise.


10. Flickr

Before Instagram became a selfie lover’s hub, it used to look a lot like Flickr. If you are into photography and image sharing, then Flickr is the application that was made for you.


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