In These 10 Countries, The Possession And Usage Of Cannabis Is Completely Legal

Posted on September 18 2018 , at 03:52 pm
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As countries around the world, especially in North America continue to decriminalize the use of Cannabis which was hitherto illegal, South Africa joins the list of countries that have decriminalized the private use of the drug.

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In Nigeria, the use or possession of cannabis is a still serious crime that may lead to a hefty fine, prison sentence or both. However, Nigerian politician and 2019 Presidential hopeful, Omoyele Sowore has indicated his willingness to decriminalize Cannabis in Nigeria, describing it as the best species in the world which can be a huge source of foreign exchange for the country.

We present to you 10 other countries where it is completely legal to use. While some have no restrictions at all, some allow citizens to possess only a certain amount at a time.


Cannabis has been decriminalized in Jamaica since 2015.  Residents here are free to use unlimited quantities without legal repercussion.


Argentina holds the record as the first country to provide free medical marijuana in March 2017. Recreational use of the herb is also allowed.


This is one cool country where marijuana laws have been relaxed although its cultivation and sale is still illegal. Only 10 grams is allowed for personal use.


The use of cannabis is allowed here for citizens aged 18 and above. All an intending user needs to do is register with the government and they are free to cultivate, buy and sell.


In this part of the world, it is okay to smoke cannabis in a coffee shop or restaurant  In 2017, a bill was passed to partially legalize its use which is good news for citizens.


In 2017, smoking clubs became fully legalized and smoking in other places is allowed without legal repercussions.


Possession of marijuana has been legalized while there are calls for cannabis clubs. So it’s a free world in that country.


Possession of marijuana of up to 15 grams has been decriminalized. Medical use is also completely legal.


Here, the government decriminalizes possession of up to 6 grams of cannabis.  The country which recently hosted the World Cup allowed football fans bring in their medical marijuana.


In this part of the world, possession of up to 5 grams or 10 plants is not a crime.





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